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  1. Coaster_Phil

    Knightmare is now scrap metal, y'all can stop wondering

    It’s probably not relevant or it’s already known. I saw one of the trains and a few sections of track on the back of a lorry heading south on the M6 last October. The train was damaged so must have been the dropped one. I had a few photos but I have no idea how to upload??
  2. Coaster_Phil

    Accident at Alton Towers

    My deepest sympathies are with those that were in the accident. We all know that this should never happen and we all know on here just how rare this is. It does sound to me that AT were at fault more than the actual ride but I'm sure we'll know this for sure in a few months. I'd just like to...
  3. Coaster_Phil

    Alton Towers | The Smiler | Gerstlauer Infinity

    Re: Alton Towers | The Smiler | Unknown Gerstlauer World's 1 I like the way the track comes up from very low to the straight section, although the straight pieces are on two different levels. They seem to be on the same line, just the last bit looks about 5 foot lower. Am I missing something...
  4. Coaster_Phil

    Best Canada's Wonderland Coaster?

    Vortex is outstanding, a real classic and feels a bit out of control. Leviathan was not there when I visited.
  5. Coaster_Phil

    Flamingoland Rumours

    I rode the one at Canada's Wonderland. It was foul.
  6. Coaster_Phil

    Weird, Wacky & Strange Coaster Bits

    Good lord, that thing looks lethal! I'd never put my kids on it! Did anyone notice the kid's left arm in the first picture is half the length of the right one??
  7. Coaster_Phil

    Insane Flat rides

    Is it me, or are there no safety barriers??
  8. Coaster_Phil

    Canada's Wonderland & Cedar Point advice needed

    Hi all, bit of a long story, but I have managed bag an air ticket to Canada. My first choice was Toronto, so I was thrilled when I discover that Canada’s Wonderland is there! My preference for flying is late May, but I can change this if need be. This is a bit of a once in a lifetime thing...
  9. Coaster_Phil

    CF VIDEO SERIES NAME: Choose Your Favourite!

    Ok, I am a Cameraman, so was wondering if I could be of any help. I voted Guide to Ride BTW
  10. Coaster_Phil

    Merlin announce no more free parking for Annual Pass holders

    Hmm, thinking that we will not renew our families 3 passes at that money! There are so many BOGOF deals each year, I will just visit Thorpe once and perhaps Alton once. Every year the price goes up, sometimes more than once a year. And, as everyone says we get less and less for our money...
  11. Coaster_Phil

    CF VIDEO SERIES NAME: Choose Your Favourite!

    Who will be shooting them? I would be interested in helping out, or have they been shot already?