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    How sexy do you think you are?

    as ****.
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    Vertigo, Tivoli Gardens

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    Thorpe Park BOGOF

    Thanks guys! Papa Johns seems easiest but I've just had a massive Chinese buffet..... wanting them for tomorrow too. Guess we will have to make a detour to Tesco for a bit of early morning shopping in the hope of finding some!
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    Thorpe Park BOGOF

    Guys! Am in need of a bogof voucher or two for Thorpe Park..... I thought Tesco and WH Smith were doing them but it turns out they aren't...... any ideas where I can get some from? Any help would be greatly appreciated! x
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    pass holder

    I would just like to bump this topic as it is clearly the most fascinating and informative that has ever happened on here.
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    How manly are you?

    Corr you ruthless, manly animal.
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    The park with the most "worlds firsts"

    HOWEVER. So you'd better watch out.
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    The park with the most "worlds firsts"

    Hollycombe Steam Collection in Liphook, Hampshire has a **** **** load of rides powered by steam.
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    Do you trust fun fair rides?

    Considering I'm normally blind drunk when I ride them.... yes, I guess I do. Or just don't think about it....
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    Favourite season

    Summer; no contest.
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    How manly are you?

    87%..... Sort of agree with Hoyer though.... they could have made it alot more amusing.
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    Top Thrill Dragster vs. Kingda Ka

    Same for me.... I'd also queued five off hours for Dragster which may have taken some of the fun out of it as I was hot, bored and fed up by the time I got on it.... I thought the launch was better on Kingda Ka..... and surely on a ride like this that's the most important thing? Is for me...
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    Favourite major coaster at Thorpe Park?

    Saw. I love it, I think the theming is great and the whole ride experience is miles better than anything else on offer there.... this new one their building looks pretty naughty though.
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    Thorpe Park Fright Nights - How Frightening?

    **** terrifying.
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    Sunrise or sunset?

    I'd say sunset, mainly becuase I'm normally too tired and grumpy in the mornings to appreciate it (assuming I'm even up that early).
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    Bit of Help please!- Parks in Florida

    Thanks guys.... looks like Busch Gardens and Universal can both suck my balls.... $80 for a single day pass yet it's only $117 for a **** annual pass? **** daylight robbery. Do they not realise that some tourists don't want to spend their whole holiday going to :xcensoredx...
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    Bit of Help please!- Parks in Florida

    I'm currently in Florida... been rocking out in Miami, smashing the Americans at cash games in the casinos and spending money in the evenings like it's going out of fashion..... Anyway, whilst I'm here I plan to visit Busch Gardens and possibly Universal Studios (when in Rome and all that....)...
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    Worst Down Time

    Never had a problem with Thirteen or Saw.... Colossus and Air both have a habit of breaking down quite a bit (when I've visited anyway) and the usual suspects like TTD and Ka I guess too....
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    Liseberg in a day

    Excellent report, Rach! Liseberg looks like a really good park. Can I ask how much it cost to visit? (Flights etc)?