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    '72 Hours later' - The results!

    Before I go through the results, I just want to say how impressed I am with the entries. I received 10 and although most were a little rough around the edges, considering the time element, there were some really strong entries! So congratulations to everyone who sent me a track. I'm only going...
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    No Limits 2 - Contest #1 - '72 Hours Later'.

    Here we go! The first No Limits 2 contest. Let's get on with it. Rules: -ANY coaster style is permitted. -Supports much NOT touch the water. No tunneling under the water either. -Track building tools such as FVD++ and Newton2 and the in-game FVD are allowed. -3Ds are NOT allowed unless you use...
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    No Limits 2 competition?

    Okay, so the No Limits subforum has been pretty quiet of late, even with NL2 being out. I know that there are other, more active sites dedicated to NL2 (blasphemy!) but I still find CF to be my home and where I originally got into NL. So Antinos and myself discussed the possibility of a new...
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    G-Force, Drayton Manor closure?

    Couldn't find a topic about it, anyone know why G-Force is closed? ... ning-times
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    Uncle Arly's Development Thread

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    Habtoorland - What happened? I've never heard of this place before, it seems to have been opened in 2009 and closed in 2011. There was a Maurer Söhne spinner, a Vekoma boomerang and a unknown family coaster. Has anyone been or know what happened to this park/coasters?
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    On this day... (Birthday edition).

    Following on from viewtopic.php?p=761076#p761076 What major events, celebrity births or interesting stuff happened on or the years previous to your birthday? On mine (22nd February): 1997 – In Roslin, Scotland, scientists announce that an adult sheep named Dolly had been successfully cloned...
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    Alton Towers, Tuesday 14th, June.

    Text heavy thread, no pictures. This was my first trip to Alton Towers since 2006, so I was pretty excited. We also got our tickets for £5 since someone at my boyfriend's uni had got two of the Sun tickets that you collect the tokens for, but she couldn't go, so two tickets for £10 was amazing...
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    Uncle Arly's films. So, me and my uni friend, Ëpha Roe decided to join forces and create a youtube page. We both go to De Montfort; he studies Photography & Video whilst I study Dance. Before I move on to our first joint project (see below the next two videos) I'll give you...
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    Good morning CoasterForce!

    I didn't sleep, so I just thought I'd say hello and show you my view onto the Blackmore Vale..
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    I need some 3ds.

    Okay, I lied, I want a lot of 3ds. I've always wanted do a big immersive 3d project, but I'm crap at making them. I've tried and tried again, but I just can't get my head around it. I know what I want, I'd make the coaster..and whoever made the 3ds would get full credit for it..wherever the...
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    Uncle Arly's broken foot! :(

    So, I broke my foot. Basically, I was dancing, jumped and landed, but my foot twisted underneath me and I heard a loud snap/crack. Here's what it looked like! And here is what it looks like now..
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    UncleArly's Development Thread.

    This is where you will find all my latest screen shots, videos etc. of rides that are work in progress. When a ride is complete, I shall create a new topic for it, and place the link in here. Anyway, onto business. Moon. A compact B&M Dive Machine with 4-across seating, said to rival the...
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    Just Dance.

    So, back in March, I was in my last dance show at college, but, it was a good one. So, firstly, we have a duet with me and my friend who is doing to same course at uni with me. Secondly, 'Rehab', the Glee Version...
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    Project Aqua - Uncle Arly & Pokemaniac (UC).

    Coming soon.
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    No Limits: strictly coasters, or more?

    Okay, whilst looking at Ollie's current project I had a thought. Should people stick to making roller-coasters in No Limits, or should it be more vague. I for one love 3Ds. I love a track that has really immersive 3Ds themeing. It adds to the coaster, and doesn't make it too much like...
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    Alizarin - B&M Invert Complete - Download on Page 5

    Supports are just for testing colours; which are not final.
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    Project Ski - B&M. (Update - 14/11/09)

    Up in the French Alps, a new breed of thrill is being born. One that simulates the feeling of skiing for the inexperienced skiier. Swoop down the mountain, take on huge Ski jumps, and even slalom. Project Ski, Opens soon.