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    Coronavirus: Impact on Theme Parks

    For any of those that are thinking about travelling over to Europe from the UK with some of their theme parks starting to re-open, may want to take a look at this: Looks like we’re catching up and making everyone quarantine for 14 days on arrival...
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    Ploptrix - Plopsa De Panne & Parc Asterix - 1/2 July Planning

    Peter and I will be joining you all just for the Asterix day as well! Looking forward to seeing everyone again. :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Accident at Alton Towers

    The statement from the Health & Safety Executive has been posted here: ... -failings/ There's also a video and a couple of images of the train after the accident on there!
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    Alton Towers' Galactica VR coaster/Rollercoaster Restaurant

    Re: Alton Towers' Galactica VR coaster/Rollercoaster Restaur We ventured up there today and managed to ride it first thing this morning. Thought I'd share so observations. It held a queue of 60-90 minutes all day on a Saturday, but the rest of the park was dead! The throughput of it is...
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    Liva Italia II - June 2015 - Trip Reports

    Sorry, I've been slacking a bit with these! So following on, our next park of the trip was to be Cavallino Matto. I'd not really heard much about the park, or really looked into it much. All I really knew was it was getting the Togo from Canada's Wonderland and that was about it. After a...
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    Liva Italia II - June 2015 - Trip Reports

    So the next morning, we had a little bit of a lie in before having to head to the local pharmacy thanks to my legs and arms having been nibbled to hell the previous day and I had massive bite lumps all over! We jumped in the car and headed the short distance to Cinecitta World. I hadn't done...
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    Liva Italia II - June 2015 - Trip Reports

    Okay, so onto the coaster part of the trip then! On the Sunday morning, we arranged to meet Mike, Dan and Rachel at the Metro station we parked the car at the previous day. With a full car load, we begin the short journey out to Rainbow Magicland. Having been to RML back in 2011, I was...
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    Liva Italia II - June 2015 - Trip Reports

    I have to say, Italy has to be one of my favourite CF Trips that I have done! A massive thank you to everyone that went for making the whole trip fantastic and in particular Nic and Ian for the superb organisation. We flew out to Italy on the Friday, a few days before the start of the trip to...
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    United Arab Emirates - September 2014

    Day 8 - Saturday 27th September Our last day over there before we began our long journey back home. We packed up all our things and checked out from the lovely Jebel Ali, wish we could've taken everything about the place with us home as it was simply lovely! We bid farewell to the hotel...
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    United Arab Emirates - September 2014

    Day 7 - Friday 26th September Happy Birthday to me! So today was my 22nd birthday and I'd already had a week of amazing times in Dubai and today was going to be no exception! Peter brought a card and a little present with him from home that I could open on my birthday! Everything else was to...
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    United Arab Emirates - September 2014

    ^Just by the number of areas in which you walk through whilst in the Aquarium as it is just the one tunnel. It's certainly not small in terms of the amount of water in there, but the walk through area is pretty small when you look at it like that. Dubai Aquarium is also not the biggest in the...
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    United Arab Emirates - September 2014

    Thanks for all the comments guys! Sorry for the delay in the next parts, someone put a weekend in Germany in the way! Day 5 - Wednesday 24th September: Part 2 After getting stuck in burdenous traffic on the way back to the hotel, we eventually got back just after half 9 and went straight for...
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    United Arab Emirates - September 2014

    Day 5 - Wednesday 24th September I'm going to break this day into 2 reports as it's a bloody long day! We had a very early start this morning as we had booked a Desert Dune Bashing and Sunrise excursion with a local company called Delta Adventures. They had some incredible reviews on Trip...
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    United Arab Emirates - September 2014

    They are there. But only just. The sun has faded most of the lines! Even when you can see them, it doesn't stop them coming into your lane when you're in the way. If they want to be in that lane, they will get there no matter who is in the way! We nicknamed it sand smog as that is what causes...
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    Efteling | Baron 1898 | B&M Dive Coaster

    Re: Efteling | unknown | B&M Dive Coaster Efteling posted this on FB this morning. Baron 1898 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    United Arab Emirates - September 2014

    Day 3 - Monday 22nd September We woke up nice and early ready for another day of exploring the area. Our hotel had breakfast included which is not something a lot of the top resorts do over there. If you wanted it in some places, you'd be looking at £18 per person per night! Breakfast was...
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    United Arab Emirates - September 2014

    As this is something a little different, I thought I'd share with you all our recent holiday to Dubai and the surrounding area. Dubai is always somewhere I've had a interest in for more reasons than one. It was somewhere that I've wanted to visit for a few years to see just what it is like for...
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    "Bjorn This Way" Trip Reports

    I'm not going to do a full trip report as people have covered that really well up to now! So a little bit on each day and a tonne of photos! As I'm sure that's what you all want to see! Before I start though a few thank yous! A massive thanks needs to go to Ian for the organisation of what was...
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    Eurovision 2014

    Me and Peter are actually in Copenhagen watching it! I know Jake and Nic are here too. That picture was from earlier today and Molly performing! Saw 2 of the 3 final performances and now sat in the centre of Copenhagen watching it on the big screens. Amazing atmosphere - never seen...
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    Kings Island | Banshee | B&M Invert

    Have a short testing video!