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  1. Enigma Shadow

    Drayton Manor tease "major news" The park Tweeted this today. What do people think: Thomas Land expansion? Hotel news? New area/flat? Or how about that supposed launched coaster over the lake that all the fanboys dig up each time there's a Drayton rumour? ;) I for one...
  2. Enigma Shadow

    Penguin Themed Coaster Proposed for Redcar, England.

    Found this via RideRater on Twitter. The full article is here: ... nt-7797766 No details of who the manufacturer would be, the article simply just says "Italian". A planning application to Redcar and Cleveland Council, made under the name Esplanade...
  3. Enigma Shadow

    KMG XXL finally to arrive in UK Winter 2014

    I saw rumours flying around various sites of the giant pendulum ride making its debut here soon, and it has now been announced to be taking bookings from UK fairs. Inb4 everyone shouts "Winter Wonderland!!!!"...which I myself hope will happen, been wanting to ride this thing for ages! Source...
  4. Enigma Shadow

    Albums of 2011

    It's that time of year again where we discuss what CDs we got this year (if any) and what upcoming albums we're looking forward to! 2011 hasn't really been that great for me in terms of music...I think I've only bought 3/4 albums so far this year, of which only 2 are from 2011, which is poor...
  5. Enigma Shadow

    Take the personality test!

    I'm pretty sure that this exact topic probably exists somewhere but I couldn't find it after looking for a bit. So anyway, usually I dismiss these things as silly but at the same time I actually find the thought of sites trying to describe your personality (mainly just so I can chuckle at some...
  6. Enigma Shadow

    Albums Of 2010

    Yeah, I'm being uninventive and just doing the same type of topic I did last year...but whatever. So yes, the point of this topic is for you to list music albums that were released this year that you think are great, and since we've still got another month to go until the end of the year...are...
  7. Enigma Shadow

    Sonic The Hedgehog - 2D vs 3D

    So, I'm sure most of us have played Sonic, right? But which of the Blue Dude With 'Tude's games do you prefer? Are you, like me, still a sucker for his 2D outings like the Sega Megadrive games, or do you fancy the modern, 3D games?
  8. Enigma Shadow

    The Best Album Of 2009

    Hmm. I've searched through about 14 pages of this forum and haven't seen this topic, so I thought I'd start it. If something similar exists, slap me. Hard. But yes, for all you music enthusiasts out there...which album rocked your world the most this year? Mine would probably either be...