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    Inbetweeners - Love it or Hate it?

    Just been watching a few episodes of Inbetweeners, and I really can't see what's so funny about it. It's mostly childish, untasteful 'toilet humor' with swear words thrown in every sentence. In my opinion it's another of the programmes that the British people feel that they have to like...
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    BTCC 2010

    The BTCC season starts in 2 weeks so I thought I'd start a thread for the motorsport fans who actually like to watch proper racing :P Heres this years entry list:
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    Formula 1 2010

    As the 2009 F1 season is now over, I thought I'd make a new topic for us F1 fans to discuss next year's season. As we probably all know, next year points will be awarded to the top ten in each race instead of the top eight. In other news, Lucas di Grassi is to be confirmed at Virgin in...
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    Greatest F1 driver ever

    In my opinion it is Ayrton Senna. I doubt that there will be another F1 driver ever up to Senna's standard. Jim Clark is the second best ever in my eyes, it's such a shame that both of them died behind the wheel.
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    British Touring Car Championship 2009

    Did anyone else watch today's race at Brands Hatch? The final race was amazing, Adam clipped Plato on the first corner and Plato had his car completely sideways and then saved it. Amazing car control from Plato. The support races were really good too, The Ginetta G50 Cup was entertaining and...
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    What can I get to stop sickness after riding?

    As some of you know I get sick after going on some rides. I've tried some Travel sweets called Travel Ease which didn't really do much good and my friends who tried them said they made them feel worse! I've heard that wristbands are effective, but not for everyone. I was wondering what you guys...
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    Favourite Energy Drink?

    Just wondering what everyone's favourites are. My favourite is Rockstar, followed by Red Bull (both taste pretty similar)
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    Best UK SLC

    Thought this would be a decent poll to see what everyones opinion is on the UK's best Vekoma SLC. I think Jubilee Odyssey is best easily but I know other people prefer Kumali and a small minority like Infusion/Traumatizer best.
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    Drayton Manor Vs Flamingo Land

    Well theres a LWV Vs FL Poll so I thought I'd do a Flamingo Land Vs Drayton one too. I've looked at photos of Flamingo Land, And it looks like a dump imo, It's all on concrete from the photos and it looks like a funfair with hardly any themeing. Drayton Manor have focused on improving the...
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    Detonator Vs Apocalypse

    I've seen a few debates on other forums about which of these rides is best, So I thought I'd make a poll about it. I haven't ridden detonator, But i've been on Apocalypse and it was one of the most insane rides I've been on.
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    Which is the Worlds Best B&M Invert?

    I've been wondering which is best for a long time, I think it's probably Alpengeist, But I'm not sure.
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    Nemesis Inferno vs Great Bear

    Which one do you thin is best out of Nemesis Inferno and Great Bear? I chose these two as they're rated similarly in the CF top coasters list.