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  1. Casio

    How should the height record have been broken?

    So reaction to the Florida Polercoaster has been mixed. Some can't see the point of achieving such a great height and then only getting to the speed of a ride a third of the height. Some see it as an insane, wacky innovation; a step in the right direction for roller coaster design. I'm in the...
  2. Casio

    Is Tibidabo really that bad?

    I visited Barcelona last week and managed to convince my not-so-coaster-keen friends to come with me to Tibidabo (I pulled the old Trojan Horse; I went in big with PortAventura before 'settling' on the smaller, cheaper, closer Tibidabo), mainly so I could get on Muntanya Russa. In short, the...
  3. Casio

    Thorpe Behind the Scenes/Opening Day 17/03/11

    On Thursday my AS physics group took a 'field trip' to Thorpe Park as part of our assessed practical/ to waste a day of school. Beforehand we were told that we would have to leave by 2.30 and most of our time would be spent in the education centre. This combined with all of the stuff I'd read...
  4. Casio

    A great day at Thorpe 21/10/2010

    I know I don't post here much, but I'm trying to do so a lot more and decided I'd give writing a trip report a go :) I chose yesterday to go to Thorpe with a few mates as most kids are still in school, and it was a non Fright Night day. As a result it was really quite quiet; the biggest...