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  1. codyrisko

    Smoothest Vekoma ever

    Noooo I only work on Stormrunner, Fahrenheit and Sidewinder of course I don't know that. I am saying that annoying knob on the train serves no purpose. Ask anyone that works on a Vekoma that has those, they will complain. Not only do guests get hurt in them, employees do too. I smashed my...
  2. codyrisko

    Hersheypark |"Skyrush"| Intamin Mega

    Re: "Skyrush" - Intamin Hyper - Hersheypark Hmm that's odd that no one knows anything about this? Oh well at least that is probably the answer, if it is I really am not complaining I like those restraints!
  3. codyrisko

    Smoothest Vekoma ever

    When you work on a ride that has the new Vekoma cars, and you are forced to lift the whole trains restraints 10+ times it is a flaw ;)
  4. codyrisko

    Weird, Wacky & Strange Coaster Bits

    Re: Wierd, Wacky & Strange Coaster Bits I just read all 27 pages of this thread!
  5. codyrisko

    Smoothest Vekoma ever

    This is what I am talking about right here. Guests always smash their fingers in it. It is a major flaw in the car design to be honest. hmm no img tags? ... wTrain.jpg
  6. codyrisko

    Your CTR/CFR wishlist

    RR makes everything anyone will ever need!
  7. codyrisko

    Operating system

    Everything works fine with Windows 7 except the billboards but there is a fix for that online.
  8. codyrisko

    The Preview Thread

    Your paths are a little odd ;) they go from one tile to two tiles, maybe look into some CS that includes Diagonal paths that will fix the issue! other than that it looks great :)
  9. codyrisko

    Queue lines

    I would share a link with you but I can't because I don't have enough posts ;) I am a noob here.
  10. codyrisko

    Rollbacks. Why?

    I have never experienced a rollback, but I did make an epic call at Cedar Point. I pointed at the train and said that one is going to roll back and sure enough it did. A few people in line looked at me funny like I was somehow behind it.
  11. codyrisko

    Home park and proud?

    My home park used to be Kennywood, but now it's Hershey, and working there actually makes it feel like a home!
  12. codyrisko

    Smoothest Vekoma ever

    Sidewinder @ Hershey got the new restraints now it feels, relatively smoother now. Now if only they would get ride of the finger smasher. Does anyone else know what I am talking about?
  13. codyrisko

    Hersheypark |"Skyrush"| Intamin Mega

    Re: "Skyrush" - Intamin Hyper - Hersheypark Where did you hear this? I work at Hershey, and last I heard the the restraint system is yet to be decided.