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  1. Casio

    Walt Disney World announces permanent closures of 2 attractions and Rivers of Light

    The most persistent and for me believable rumour is that DinoLand USA will be turned into South America (to add to Africa and Asia) and Dinosaur will be rethemed to Indiana Jones. As people have said, Beastly Kingdom has essentially been done already with Everest and Pandora. I think Dinosaur...
  2. Casio

    It's TEA time!!!

    Slightly obscure question, but does anyone know why there's such a gulf between Chimelong Ocean Kingdom and Chimelong Paradise? Ocean Kingdom is the most attended non-Disney/Universal park in the world at 8.5m, whilst Paradise is under 4m. They're less than 2 hours away from each other and have...
  3. Casio

    Dodonpa Being Reborn In 2017

    And they've renamed it Dododonpa! This has gone from everyone assuming it was ruined, to it having an even faster launch and an even more ridiculous name: Great move by Fuji-Q
  4. Casio

    Space World Japan To Close In December 2017

    I can only see one Accelerator on there, which from the spec looks to be Zaturn, not Kanonen. I think someone on CF claimed that Kanonen had been sold to a yet-unannounced US park.
  5. Casio

    Ferrari World Abu Dhabi | Mission Ferrari | Dynamic Attractions | ??!?

    Anybody want to bet on the final height? It's really hard to gauge how tall it is in the picture because of the spine. I would guess topping out just over 300ft; I guess not overly impressive considering Superman/Tower of Terror are 20 years old next year. I wouldn't be shocked if they try to go...
  6. Casio

    Olympia-Looping at London's German Christmas Market

    I think the main appeal of Schwarzkopfs is that they pull a lot more force than other coasters of their era; I definitely found this with Scorpion, Jetline and Lisebergbanan, but I agree none of them are really that great. Olympia Looping on the other hand I found to actually be a bit forceless...
  7. Casio

    Skyline Park | Sky Dragster | Maurer Söhne Motorbike

    This ride is entirely 'powered', the cars only move when the gears turn, and they are driven by electricity; there's no gravity powering it. Mack powered coasters are driven by electricity too, but they have the ability to roll freely without power. A lot of people make the distinction between...
  8. Casio

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach | Icon | Mack Multi-Launch

    I'm opposite to a lot of people on here; I was disappointed by blue fire (I know quite a few people are) and even by Helix, and so I was withholding excitement for this. But I'm definitely erring towards the excited camp, for me the best bits of those two rides are a) the low-to-the-ground...
  9. Casio

    Own any coaster parts?

    Jarrett in my near 12 years of lurking on Coasterforce you are easily the biggest goon I've ever come across, I love it :lol: I don't own anything yet, but I'd really like blueprints or schematics, they seem to be pretty rare though. £30 for a Big One wheel seems pretty reasonable, I'd...
  10. Casio

    Virtual Reality- Yay or Nay?

    I did Alpen Express at Europa Park with the headsets last week; there was no issue with cleanliness, although no park will have higher standards than Europa. I'm no doctor or biologist, but I can't imagine it's particularly less sanitary wearing one of these things than it is holding onto a lap...
  11. Casio

    USJ | Flying Dinosaur | B&M Flying Coaster

    Why count the 540º roll as two inversions then? If a half inversion counts the same as a full inversion then why wouldn't it be three? Or just count it as one since it's only one element? X2 has two raven turns and two fly-to-lies, but makes a total of two, not four, inversions since each only...
  12. Casio

    USJ | Flying Dinosaur | B&M Flying Coaster

    I think the 540º roll is 1.5 inversions, and the 'Immelmann' (More a half-loop or a Raven Turn) is 0.5, making it up to 2 inversions for a total of 6 so far. The layout does looks absolutely fantastic.
  13. Casio

    Walibi Holland | Lost Gravity | Mack Rides mega coaster

    Re: Walibi Holland | Unknown | Mack (unknown) Now we can see how extreme the ride will be, I'm kind of hoping it'll be a spinner; I'd like it to be distinct from Goliath. But if you look at Flash (or Lightning?) at Lewa Adventure in China, that's got a similarly sudden drop and definitely has...
  14. Casio

    Winter Wonderland 2015

    None of the coasters would be worth it in a regular park, but Wilde Maus XXL is pretty impressive for a travelling coaster. The Pinfari is nothing to write home about, and the rest are terrible. The flats however are awesome, probably the best line-up in the country aside from Thorpe. Air...
  15. Casio

    Scariest ride/coaster you've ridden

    In absolute terms Oblivion is where I've been most scared, but I was only 10 when I first did it. More recently the only rides that really terrified me were the Stratosphere rides, especially Insanity. Just a lap bar between you and a 1000ft drop is horrible. Fantastic ride though; the nerves...
  16. Casio

    USF to add 2017 ride themed around... Jimmy Fallon?

    Not really, as Hyde said he's pretty massive in the US at the moment, and he's young. He also has major ties with Universal already; his show is on NBC, which is part of NBCUniversal along with the theme parks, he already hosts the studio tour in Hollywood (which I thought was excellent), and if...
  17. Casio

    Ferrari World Abu Dhabi | Mission Ferrari | Dynamic Attractions | ??!?

    I agree; I thought the general consensus was that everyone hated them until I noticed so many people on CF really like them. The fact that SkyRush is still my #2 coaster shows just how good these things can be though. It's nothing to do with the size of the passenger, they just clamp right in...
  18. Casio

    Cedar Point | Valravn | B&M Dive Machine

    Read the bottom of the page: "If it wasn't obvious, I was kidding about the colors. They'll remain the same and will be returned back to their vibrant debut colors of 1994 and 2003, respectively." So no change!
  19. Casio

    Ferrari World Abu Dhabi | Mission Ferrari | Dynamic Attractions | ??!?

    For me Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit's loop is zero inversions, whilst this is very much two: it completes the half loop before the twist at the top, so it's basically an immelman followed by a dive loop. Rockit's twist is when the car is around the vertical mark, so it's not upside down at all.
  20. Casio

    What type of enthusiast are you?

    Like so many people on the site, I'm an engineering student and it was coasters that got me interested in engineering. So I'm definitely an enginerd. After that I'm probably a park enthusiast; I have no interest in going on kiddie coasters, and I'd much rather do rides like Transformers, Hex and...