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    Valhalla at Blackpool Pleasure Beach to be refurbished for 2022

    Yikes that better not be the poster they use in advertising, I mean just look at it... They've got something more than just water on them...
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    B&M Coaster Rain Standard

    Usually the only coasters that are adversely affected by rain are those with outdoor drive-tire lift hills such as Th13teen at Alton Towers but most tyre lift hill coasters are kiddie coasters. Whilst when it comes to operating certain ride models in weather conditions, the restrictions will be...
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    A Gerstlauer Infinity to be opened at one of the following Cedar Fair parks

    "A friend told me" is not a credible source really, it's very Chinese whispers even if it is true it's very risky to be posting potentially confidential information online and the information leak could easily sourced back to him, potentially putting his employment and maybe career at risk, may...
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    I think its really a shame Skyline is one of the few companies that are truly trying to work with small parks to get a coaster within their budget.

    We have no insider information on how much parks pay manufacturers for coasters, and if a figure is ever released over the coaster's cost, then it is for marketing purpose and the full costs of the ride, not just what the park paid the manufacturer. Even in the rare exception we do get an exact...