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    Bounce back

    Hi, At Thorpe park, what are their rules with bounce back tickets? Do you need to show your ticket to get one? Thanks
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    Merlin Openings

    Being eager and a little impatient I started planning some of next years trips and am eager to visit a merlin park, probably thorpe, within a week or two of opening; before my pass runs out. But i cannot find even a rough estimate of when it will open again. anyone roughly know when it will...
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    Lap bar or OTSR?

    What it says on the tin, do you prefer lap bars or OTSR's? Lap bars are more open but personly I prefer OTSR's as generally speakingI find them comftable.
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    A friend of mine is going to alton next week but he recently tore up his knee and can not stand for long periods of time, he can still walk down stairs for evacuations but it is painful. He is on crutches and not only is it harder to stand normally but when packed in a group it is harder. He...
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    Lightwater Valley

    I'm going to alton hopefully next week and we are getting to the park early, staying for the night and driving back late evening. This gives most of a day to kill and I was considering lightwater valley as the filler. 1) Is the park good and if so, is it possible to get from alton in the...
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    I am considering a trip to a theme park in france and cannot decide if I should go to Parc Astrix or Disneyland? Is it worth going to belgium instead to walabi? Also if i go to Disneyland do you get into the studio place aswell? Any help would be much apprieciated, thanks.
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    I'm going to thorpe today and am scared of heights, but if I go on saw and stealth which i have wussed out on multiple times i would class it as an achievement. I thought back and decided that there were a few coasters, I would class as achievements. To the point, do you class some rides as an...
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    When do the rides shut?

    Im goin to thorpe tommorow and it is raining really heavily. When do the rides shut? Is it when it rains heavily or just lightning or mabye snow! thanks
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    the excitement factor

    I have been to thorpe more than any other park and am going again in a few days. Desite visiting this park a lot, i'm stll very excite and I know that when i get there, even though I have been on the rides before they will still excite me. Is that the same for you or do you get invited or...
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    LWV, Flamingo land or drayton?

    In the midlands/north area, what is the best park to visit if I can only visit one. Light water valley, flamingo land, drayton manor or some other park, not including alton as I going there already! :--D
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    Alton in a day!

    HI, I have never been to alton but am going in the holidays but only for one day. On the average day, can you get on all the coasters and most of the rides in one day. I can probably push it to 2 if I can't fit it in. Thanks
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    For 2010?

    What rides did people not get to ride this year but want to ride next year? For me, Saw at thorpe i wanted to ride this year but pulled some muscles putting my hands up on nemesis inferno so couldn't ride(stupid me!) :lol: and stealth I still have not ridden as it scares me and when i...
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    How do you beat coaster fear?

    I was wondering if anyone had any tips to get over coaster fears? I and a real wuss when it comes to coasters but when i'm on them I love them and when I've been on them once I do it again without fear. Any help. thanks
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    how do I?

    Slightly random one but how do i look at private messages sent to me?(didn't know where to put it)
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    What time?(thorpe fright night)

    I am not very keen on horror things but am dying to go on saw the ride when I go tomorrow. I was wondering if anyone know what time saw comes alive with actors and or if anything has changed inside for fright night. thanks
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    Arkham asylum ride (UC)

    After playing the game arkham asylum I decided to make a coaster about it and have nearly finished the trackwork.I took some screen shots and will put them on when I can find them on my computer. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. thanks
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    Nemesis inferno (wip)

    Hi, I have decided to do my first rec on no limits and have started reasearching it. I decieded to do it as it was the first ''proper'' rollercoaster I went on and have been on it many times. I was wondering if anyone knows the height of the track when it leaves the volcanoe.(first drop) Thanks
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    Bengal:fury of the jungle

    I am starting my first project on no limits but I only got it about 2 days ago so am not very good at anything and didn't find the help bit fully helpful. All I have decided so far is that it is based on a tiger and will have a launch and a lot of negative G moments as well as lots of positive...
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    coaster count?

    I am slightly confused by coastercount for 2 reasons A:is it everytime you go on a coaster eg i've been on Nem Inferno 5X so doesit count as 5 or 1 (at the moment it is 1) B:do rides and log flumes count.(I don't at the moment) thanks
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    Can't decide!

    I have got RCT3 and am thinking about either no limits or hyper rail but, are they any better than RCT3 if both are then which one is the better if the two? (preferably realistic coasters as thats what I like to do.)Thanks