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    Space Mountatin WDW - Multiple Trains on Lift Hill

    I happened to mulling through YouTube today and stumbled across yet another POV of Space Mountain with the lights on. However, something caught my eye. While the train is on the lift hill, you can see the train in font of it has not yet cleared the lift block. Does anyone know if and why this is...
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    Disaster Transport Final Dispatch: A Mission for the Kids

    Attention all "lovers" of DT, Ceder Point is putting together an event to benefit Give Kids The World Village. Enjoy some ERT on Disaster Transport for a good cause! For more info visit:
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    Greezed Lightnin’ moving to Cliff’s Amusement Park

    Source: ... ment-park/ A very interesting way to acquire a ride! It's always nice to see a classic get a new life!
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    Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom dispute settled It doesn't sound like a great deal for SF, but hey at least the dispute is settled. I'm guessing Chang is the ride they get to keep.
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    Restraint opens halfway through ride on LaRonde Boomerang

    Nothing serious happened, but considering what happened on Extreme twelve days ago, I decided to post it. ... story.html
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    Elitch Gardens

    Elitch, despite the fact that it doesn't actually have gardens anymore, was a great little park. It was clean, the staff was friendly, and it had a nice layout. Yes, the park doesn't have any world class coasters, but don't let that stop you from having fun. The day had a rough start. My...
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    Happy Valley Wuhan |"Dauling Dragon"| Gravity Group I'm not sure where those bastards over at Theme Park Review got the press release. It's not on the Martin & Vleminckx site. Hell even The Gravity Group links to them! ... =2&t=55917 It's a pretty sweet element...
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    Mt. Olympus & More

    I finally have enough time to post a trip report! (Only 12 days late!) But, putting that aside, lets begin. The day before the trip we were in Port Huron MI, so we had the wonderfull joy of a 10 hour trip to Wisconsin! We left at seven and came to the Mackinac Bridge around 11:30 I...
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    42 hospitalized after inhaling toxic fumes at Holiday World ... 1025/rss02
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    Will SF New Orleans ever reopen? ... 75066.html Wow, I never knew SF lost so much money just letting the park just sit around like that. What a waste! As for the renovation, I'll doubt it'll ever pan out and if it ever does it will be a long time coming.
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    Discussions between 49ers, City, and Cedar Fair heat up ... -Move.html We'll it's a better plan then selling the whole park to the 49ers. Just wondering, how would this pan out financially for Cedar Fair. During the 11 or so home games they have during the season how much would cedar fair be losing/ making?
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    Millennium Force takes top honor ... honor.html The NAPHA "poll" is always BS, right in front of the Golden Ticket awards! So what about you, do you think MF deserved the award?
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    SF - More international plans? (and more updates)

    Scream scape posted some news: ... m#SixFlags Here is the news article/interview: ... ighl-4258/ It mentions the new parks: A dubaliland update: And more SFMM random news: Enjoy! :wink:
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    Six Flags to Renovate Texas Giant & Build Others

    Not the best coaster to choose to drop $10 million on. Hell, why not just build a new coaster? Dumb... But what about I wonder about "how major".....
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    Someone filed C11 bankruptcy-click here to find out who!

    It's... Ghost Town in the Sky. ... 9903120342 Small park, but it's still sad. :cry: Hopefully they can pull out of this....
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    Will Six Flags file bankruptcy? ... 9688.story Some more wonderful news for you guys! Things are not looking too good. Hopefully this is just a speed bump in the large picture of things.
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    Disney Announces D23

    No, I'm sorry it's not a new ride. :cry: But it's for all you Disney freaks out there. (If there are any. :lol: )
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    GM droping Test Track sponser?

    YEA, another sign of the economic times! ... rack-/1329
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    Fish: To Eat OR Not to Eat!

    Fish: To Eat OR Not to Eat! _ It really depends on how it's cooked. I love grilled fish, with a little lemon and butter. (there isn't even a fish taste any more) But the other day I ate some fish and it tasted like ****. I really hate the really nasty fish taste! So what about you?
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    Another Dubai park put on hold... ... 5820090226