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    Thorpe Park caught cheating on games?

    Interesting article around a BBC investigation. ... 83961.html It's no surprise that the odds are made more difficult when more people around I guess. and anyone foolish enough to play them deserves to be scammed...
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    Chessington World of Bamboo - May 12th

    Thoughts on Zufari. The ride is really meh. It has a horrendous loading/unloading problem, naff pre-show and green screen room.. The animal part itself is ok... But they just look so bored and you can't help but remember these are Giraffes in Surrey, not the Savannah. Then all of a sudden the...
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    Merlin fined re: Legoland accident Idiots. Guy falls and breaks ribs, continue using same working practices the next day.
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    Lara Stone

    So... the gap. Hot or not?
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    Which coaster is this?

    What rollercoaster is Ronan Keating comparing life to in this song?
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    Who loves UC's new TL;DR's???
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    Floppy arm

    Does anyone else wake up sometimes with one arm completely numb and dead? Like I can't even feel it or move it! You have to get the other arm and lumber it around. Then after about 3 minutes the feeling comes back??
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    Most attractive member of Girls Aloud

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    Hot Rod & Others

    HELP. I can see my saved games in RCT2, however they just don't appear in my windows explorer bit for saved games. Wtf is going on?? They have a little padlock by them too, which other games i've downloaded don't. Whyyyyy?? I've been trawling the internet trying to find any old RCT stuff...
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    Stealth - Maintenance track

    Does anyone have any clear pictures of Stealths transfer track & maintenance area?
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    Have you given anything up for Lent? (totally following on from the pancake day topic seeing as they're related.. In the way that Jesus and the Easter Bunny are related. ) Personally, no. As I had no idea it was lent today until someone told me at work. By that time i'd had a fizzy drink...
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    Anyone who has got truly plastered will tell you the next day can often be a delicate one. I am currently suffering my worst hangover for a good year none of my usual tricks are working to shake it.. I've tried.. -Can of Coke -Lots of fruit juice -a nap in the afternoon -some lovely food...
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    Why spoil a ride?

    After hearing that Thirteen was going to be on GMTV I instantly thought nothing of it. I've been following the construction from plans up to now, however recently people have been coming out with videos of what the inside section will be and I just don't want to know! If you've been waiting...
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    Peanut Butter

    Smooth or Crunchy? As a child I detested crunchy peanut butter and wouldn't touch anything but smooth. As my tastes have matured (somewhat) i've found myself being drawn to the crunchy side though! Note: Some clever admin changed the poll because they are allergic to peanuts/just don't...
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    Lost - the final season! (UK people spoilers found within!!)

    I thought it would be appropriate to start this topic seeing as the new and final series begins on February the 2nd in the USA and the 5th here in the UK. What on earth is going to happen after Juliet hit the bomb? Is everyone on the island dead (I suspect not seeing as that would make the...
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    BBC Sound of 2010

    Personally I don't find anyone on this years list to be exactly groundbreaking or interesting. The 'winner', Ellie Goulding is one in a long line of wispy voiced singers to emerge in the past couple of years and has been granted a lovely ticket to possible stardom. I'm not entirely sure she...
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    Would you ride this? (Dodgy looking rides)

    Chance Toboggan crossed with a Togo Looping Wild Mouse..
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    Have you ever given a bird a good stuffing?

    Turkey of course. Actually I lie, this is a poll about people attempting to make funny and jovial topic titles. Do you give a small chuckle when you open the topic, or do you think that most of the time they're about as humerus as the upper arm? And yes I realise the enormous irony in...
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    There Their They're

    How many of you actually know when to use each word correctly? I see some shocking posts on the internet from people who clearly skipped English class. I do get quite cross when people get it wrong. Another great example is your and you're. It's not that difficult!
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    Nick Griffin on Question Time

    Simply, do you think it was wrong or right for the BBC to allow BNP leader Nick Griffin to have a seat on Question Time. (Please don't let this descend into a political squabble. Leave that to the MPs.