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  1. owentaylor121

    Accident At Dreamworld Australia!

    Latest news on an extreme accident that has happened on the Rapids ride at Dreamworld Australia! Currently 4 dead! ... reamworld/ This is horrible news! Has to be one of the worst accidents to happen in a long time at a theme park!
  2. owentaylor121

    Green Lantern accident, Australia

    The Green Lantern in Australia, Gold Coast has had an accident.
  3. owentaylor121

    Balder or Colossos?

    I'm travelling to Liseberg this year and I'd like to know what you think is better, Balder at Liseberg or Colossus at Heide Park? Edit: Corrected spelling of 'Blader or Colossus?' topic title and added poll. - ECG
  4. owentaylor121

    Fright Night queues.

    On average how long are the queues at fright nights at Thorpe Park on a Friday in the school term time? Ride queues and maze queues.
  5. owentaylor121

    Fright nights 2014

    Once again the fright night dates have been reduced even more than last years. The dates are now only on each weekend in October and the half term. Another way for M£lin to cut costs again.
  6. owentaylor121

    Flamingo Land - 02/08/2013

    FLAMINGO LAND Right so after the new ride Hero opened up last week, a trip to Flamingo Land was in store, I hadn't been to the park for 2 years now, so I wanted to see how the park has progressed. Well then, some area's of the park are fantastic, then others have a lot to be desired. Flamingo...
  7. owentaylor121

    Crash Pad ERT

    Does anyone know what rides are included with ERT at the crash pad and for how long? Need answer asap.
  8. owentaylor121

    2 free tickets to Thorpe Park?

    I have two tickets for Thorpe Park from the sun offer, but I am at PortAventura so I can't use them. The date for entry to the park is on the 10th of september. PM me your details and I will send you them straight away, no charge. Sorry if in wrong topic, wasn't sure where to post this. :)
  9. owentaylor121

    Thorpe Park| may 21st 2012| War Has Begun| PTR

    Right so, ever since I saw the plans for The Swarm, I really wanted to go back to Thorpe (I last went in 2010 at fright nights), so I told my mum that This massive Roller Coaster is coming to Thorpe in 2012, so we need to go in 2012 sometime. After following the constuction for about a year...
  10. owentaylor121

    Best ride advert?

    What ride advert do you think is the best? I love the Krake's advert and Thi3teen's. I like Krake's because it creeps me out. I also love Thi3teen's because It leave's wondering what happens after the drop.
  11. owentaylor121

    Launch Coasters.

    Does anybody know why most Intamin Launch coaster's have there track slightly inclined upwards. For example: STEALTH, Furius Baco and Cheetah Hunt.
  12. owentaylor121

    Which skyline do you prefer?

    Ok this is just a random poll about 2 of britain's most iconic skyline's. But the question is, which one do you prefer? The 2 choices are Liverpool's or London's. Liverpool, London,
  13. owentaylor121

    Which park do you think is the best

    Which park do you think is the best? Don't just think about the rides. Take into consideration how the parks feels, their theming and their rides. Please tell me why you chosen that park. Alton towers, Known as britain's best theme park. This park has had Three worlds first's, such as...