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  1. Dar

    Alton Towers | Wicker Man | GCI Wood

    Towersstreet Talk are reporting on their facebook that some plans have surfaced on the Staffordshire Moorlands planning portal as part of a structural assessment that show a possible layout for SW8 Here's the link to the page...
  2. Dar

    Dar's Generic Ride Manufacturer Rides - GRMR #4

    Got NL2 and started farting about with it. Tried a Suspended swinging coaster but that was a bit ambitious for a first go, so I went for MACK launcher instead! Top: Right: Back: vidya: Criticism welcomed! :p (I haven't got the hang of...
  3. Dar

    New trains for Furius Baco?

    Someone by the handle "weldingengineer" has posted these pictures of, presumably, Baco's trains on TPR Does this mean it's getting Skyrush style trains or is it going to just 2 seats per row? I can't find any good pictures of Skyrush's trains without the wheel covers to be able to tell if...
  4. Dar

    Alton Towers ride closures

    TowersStreet are reporting that "Nemesis Sub-Terra, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Driving School, Hex, The Flume and Ripsaw" will all be closed next season with The Flume and Ripsaw being removed entirely. Of course, as is...
  5. Dar

    Irvine Ondrey Engineering

    I discovered IOE while looking for placement year options and they seem like a company to keep your eye on, if you're interested in the control side of things too! They're run by Brian Ondrey, the same guy that worked for Consign and did an interview with CF a little while ago, and his wife...
  6. Dar

    Dar's Attempts!

    Attempt #1: GRMR1 My first attempt at a track in NoLimits! POV: Download: This was all hand built BTW, apart from the obvious I and CTRL+G dealio. Any hints, tips or constructive advice? I...