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  1. adrenaline1996

    S&S Axis Coaster: Where and When?

    After the announcement of the new addition at Six Flags Fiesta Texas not being an S&S Axis Coaster as speculated by some, where do you think the first one will go? There was some hearsay about one potentially opening next year... what's the likelihood of this happening?
  2. adrenaline1996

    Fantaseas Water Park

    Hey everyone! According to the Wikipedia article for the Fantaseas chain of water parks in the '80s and '90s, I found this: I'm not saying that this is actually happening and the lack of any citations to back it up just makes it seem to be a throw away remark. However, I was wondering if...
  3. adrenaline1996

    Six Flags in the UK - Could it ever happen?

    Hey everyone! From just researching theme park stuff tonight, looking into the international expansion of Six Flags, I was just wondering if the company could open a park within the UK? Whilst the plans for parks in Dubai and China have fallen through, I still imagine that the division for...
  4. adrenaline1996

    If new Schwarzkopf-style Coasters were built...

    Hey, If you wanted to build a new Schwarzkopf-style Coaster (leaving out the issues of safety and implausibility etc.), which manufacturer would you have to go to? Would it be Maurer or Gerstlauer? Thanks everyone!