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  1. Kebab

    West Midland Safari Park £80m Waterpark Investment

    Read more: ... ion-plans/
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    The Future of the Rollercoaster Industry?

    The way I look at Rollercoasters is the same way I look at the Music industry. This might sound ridiculous, but don't get me wrong their are substancial comparisons here... Wooden Coasters started us off with the 'Rock and Roll' of the Rollercoaster industry (what a mouthful!), they focused on...
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    Coaster/Theme Park TV Adverts

    I was watching this... I really like the Oblivion advert (1:33) on this, the way the sweat drips from his brow, the filter effect and the pure simplicity of it. I'd say it is one of my favourite Coaster ads. Anyone have any favourite TV ads to...
  4. Kebab

    Make a band name from anything Coaster related

    So my bands trying to think of a band name, and I thought this'd be a pretty fun topic. Rules are simple, the name must have anything related to Coasters/Theme Parks, can be anything, even the name of a rollercoaster! I'll start us off with something simple... 'El Toro'
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    Have you ever puked (or was close to) on a Rollercoaster?

    Following the discussion that's going on within The Smiler topic, I thought it'd be worth making a topic about it. Personally I rarely feel sick on Rollercoasters, and I've never vommed on anything, I only feel remotely nauseous on flat rides such as Enterprise and Pandemonium. The closest I've...
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    Favourite Computer/Video Game Music

    I thought this nerdy subject deserved a topic of it's own. Whether it's that epic prelude from your favourite RPG, spine-chilling orchestral scores or the scarily nostalgic NES music that sends chills down your spine... Yeah, share your favourites here! :) Super Fantasy Zone - Boss Theme This...
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    How to persuade the nervous and scared

    In the past, I've needed to persuade friends to come on certain rides. Whether it be their first 'upside-down' experience, accelerator or conquering the mighty Oblivion, this wouldn't have happened without a bit of 'oh it's nothing' or 'its not that big'. Sure I maybe lying, but there's nothing...
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    The Change: Parks going down-hill/up-hill

    Anyone had that feeling, where you go to a park and find that certain magic has gone away, everything begins to become over-commercialized and the ride selection gets more disappointing by the day... As much as I love the park, and as much as I know they're hitting an all-time high with their...
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    Mother Nature and Theme Parks

    So, I was watching this... I found it a pretty horrific watch, seeing a family park turn into something out of a Disaster movie, at one point you can actually see a post collapsing sideways! Which brings me to this (after previous experience with 2...
  10. Kebab

    Those Awkward Moments..

    I took a trip to my local swimming baths yesterday, first time in a very long time (going back probably 7-8 years now). Paid 2.80 to get in, all fine, and then I walked into the changing rooms (sign clearly looked like a man!), walked a good half way through the changing rooms all casual and...
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    Greatest Albums Of All Time

    I was reading upon 'this' before the idea of this topic came to mind. Choosing a favourite album is a very personal decision, and varies radically from person to person. So I'm asking you now, what do you believe are the greatest albums you've listened to and more importantly why? I've got a...
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    Best Merlin Coaster

    Inspired by SoMuchWin's topic 'Best Cedar Fair Coaster' Same rules apply, whats the best Merlin coaster? (Only noting major attractions, nothing like flying fish etc, but I'll put other option if you want to state differently of course...)
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    PortAventura (June 2012) - SUNNY SHAMBHALA PTR!

    PortAventura, iconic for it's stunning scenery, Spanish sun and spectacular rides (rollercoasters for that matter). Not many parks have the same effect as PA, it's just a park that keeps you coming back for more and more, despite how intolerable the heat can become, and how many times you've...
  14. Kebab

    Name My Band

    We've been a band for nearly 5 months now, yet we're having a huge problem naming it. I wasn't sure where this topic would go, but seeing as I'm going to get a load of jokey band name ideas I thought I'd have it here. I thought I'd add rules to the game, basically poster #1 will state a...
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    British Theming

    Britain has always been a stereotypical grey country, which brings me to this subject. I'm getting sick of British theme parks (specifically Merlin), and their dark, depressing theme concepts, it's getting far too over-used now, I appreciate Nemesis and Oblivion for it, but in the past 5 years...
  16. Kebab

    Take a bath/shower before or after eating?

    Do you prefer to take a bath/shower before or after you've eaten. I tend to lose my appetite if I have one before, but it's scientifically rumoured that taking a bath after eating can cause digestion problems.
  17. Kebab

    The Neverending Poem!

    It's along the same veins of Three Word Story, however, you have to continue the poem with a new line. It doesn't have to rhyme, and you can mess around with the story a bit... I'll start: "There was an old lady, on a cold winters day.."
  18. Kebab

    I can't stop farting

    I've been having this problem since last night, I've literally had just 2 hours sleep because of this! I don't think I've ever felt so bad over farting before! It started last night about an hour after eating a delicious chicken tikka masala, I started to have intense churning feelings in my...
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    Your Favourite Song/Album/Band?

    Must admit, kind of got inspired by the 'guitar solo' topic for this one. So basically, what is your favourite song, album and band (can be all in one example if you like) of all time. My favourite Song: It took me a while to catch onto this song, being a fan of Porcupine Tree I was slightly...
  20. Kebab

    Eyes Of Existence (My band)

    I'm the lead vocalist/guitarist in a band called 'Eyes Of Existence'. We're generally a Hardcore/Grunge/Indie/Emo band, but we cover a hell load of genres so I guess we'll just leave it as Indie. We've been a band for a while now and have decided to focus on an artistic approach now, because we...