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  1. ciallkennett

    Hottest Animated Female Character

    Animated chicks. Let's be honest, some of them can be quite hot. But who is sexiest when it comes to CGI or hand-drawn foxiness? Anna (Frozen) Fancy unfreezing this strawberry-blonde's heart? Ariel (The Little Mermaid) Ever fancied going under the sea and making a splash with this foxy...
  2. ciallkennett

    Gulliver's Milton Keynes | Unknown | EOS Wild Twister

    Gulliver's Milton Keynes looks to be getting a new coaster this year.
  3. ciallkennett

    Pleasurewood Hills | Marble Madnes | Maurer Söhne Wild Mouse

    Pleasurewood Hills have just posted this on their Facebook page: It is unclear whether this will mean the return of Mouse Trap which moved from the park in 2005 to Bagatelle, or another Wild Mouse/Spinning Mouse will be coming...
  4. ciallkennett

    Do you go to the cinema/theatre alone?

    When I tell people that I often enjoy going to the cinema, a comedy gig or a theatre production alone, they give me weird looks. As much as I enjoy going with friends to these sorts of things, I often realise how much of a burden people are in not being on time which annoys me no end. In...
  5. ciallkennett

    Rameses Revenge stuck at CWoA; Angry FB posts to follow

    Rameses Revenge is reportedly stuck and the fire brigade are 'rescuing' around 40 people. Prepare for more over-zealous, angry and moronic Facebook posts on the Chessie FB page over the coming days - personally I'll enjoy the free...
  6. ciallkennett

    Can I take 30 seconds of your time...

    I posted this in "Advertisements", but got, like, no response as nobody ever looks in there and it's quite important that I win this as I'm a skint student. Can I ask that on the 1st January a mod lock and move this topic to there - thanks. I'm 2nd in a comp to win a £50 rail voucher which I...
  7. ciallkennett

    Does ANYBODY like Bounty?

    Seriously, anybody? I know of nobody. Mars keep ruining the Celebration tins by removing decent chocolates and yet never removing nasty Bounty. R.I.P Galaxy Truffle and Topic :'(
  8. ciallkennett

    Lua Rollercoaster in GMod

    With a new Garry's Mod addon, you can now build proper coasters. It's basic at the moment it seems, but for any GMod's it might be worth looking at. The link below also includes a video:
  9. ciallkennett

    Centreville, Toronto: The cred whores strike again.

    On my final day of my Canada/USA trip, em and Taylor ventured to nab yet another single cred at a crappy little park. I was flying out of Toronto anyway, and it wasn't too much of a stretch to grab it, so we both thought why not. Centreville is a cute little kiddie park located just off of...
  10. ciallkennett

    Colosanti's Tropical Gardens: meet cred-whoring enthusiasts.

    A most of you probably know, I'm in Canada at the moment with Taylor. About a fortnight befor I flew out, Taylor informed me that a little place about 30 minutes from her house was getting a perminant CRED... so I forced her to take me ;) Colosanti's is basically a greenhouse/garden centre...
  11. ciallkennett

    Should Alcohol be Served in Theme Parks?

    I stumbled across this video a few weeks ago and watched it again today. It's of a presumed drunk man fighting rather poorly with staff members at Disneyland while onlookers watch in horror as security failed to turn up to help staff:
  12. ciallkennett

    The ends of a loaf of bread are called...

    ...what? You know, those two bits at the end of a loaf of sliced bread that nobody really wants but either have to be eaten or thrown away. What do you call them? To me they are the crusts. Crusts surround the main segments of sliced bread, and therefore also cover the ends - makes sense in my...
  13. ciallkennett

    Surf Rider Incident at Botton's

    Reports are coming in that Surf Rider at Botton's Pleasure Beach in Skegness, UK got stuck today - initial reports suggested it collapsed, however, it looks to have just go stuck awkwardly or partially collapsed. No reports of injuries...
  14. ciallkennett

    Neat "History of the Roller Coaster" Infographic

    Stumbled upon this quite neat infographic on the history of the roller coaster. It's quite some nice details to it, presented well and even though I knew a lot of it, there was some stuff I didn't know or was unsure of. Check it out, especially newbies wanting to know more about coaster-related...
  15. ciallkennett

    Ciall goes abroad for the 1st time EVER - Plopsaland 19/07

    Yep, you heard that right. I finally left the UK. Aged 18, this is a mighty feat which really should have been accomplished at a younger age of around 5 like everybody else I know... Also, I remember my first post on here as a CFer (when i was a n00bish goon) was about me wanting to go abroad...
  16. ciallkennett

    Blood, Organ and Bone Marrow Donation

    This stemmed from a conversation in the Happy News topic which I'm moving here to prevent clogging up the topic. Yesterday I did a good thing which I have been meaning to do for over a year - I gave blood :) I also signed up to the British Bone Marrow Register which means even more to me as...
  17. ciallkennett

    Is Rihanna a good role model for children?

    The title of the topic says it all basically. I've seen and hear countless things by CFers and on Twitter/Facebook about young children repeating the lyrics of Rihanna's songs without realised the blatant - often explicit - sexual context which lies within them. Many of these songs get UK radio...
  18. ciallkennett

    "Car Park Coasters"

    This is something that has been puzzling me for ages now, so I'll ask it. What is it with parks and building on top or directly next-to existing car parks? I notice the trend specifically in the US (Green Lantern is a notable example at the moment), but what with talk of Alton potentially...
  19. ciallkennett

    3 minutes of your time is appreciated.

    Hi guys! I know I'm not as loved as Rach, but I am also doing a project at school - this time in psychology - and I'd really appreciate your help in answering a short questionnaire on social networking. It'll take anything from 30 seconds to 3 minutes to complete and I'd appreciate as many...
  20. ciallkennett

    Would you ever date a porn star?

    After reading through the "Slut or Virgin?" topic, a question instantly popped into my brain: Would I date a porn star? Well, if I thought about the positives, I could say she's be bloody well experienced, wouldn't be afraid to try pretty much everything, would probably swallow, would...