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    Man dies on Black Mamba

    According to Screamscape, which found the news in this news article, a 48 year old man died while riding Black Mamba at Phantasia Land. Apparently he got on the ride fine, but when the train came back in the station he was lifeless and they were unable to revive him. Thoughts go out to the family.
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    Texas Giant Media Day Just got back from the Giant Media Day, I'll be posting photos, and videos and such will be up soon. I will give my review within the report so read on. Here's how...
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    New Doomsday?

    Everyone knows about the past doomsdays (Y2K) and the future doomsdays (December 21st 2012) but now there is a group of ten people who now have a belief that the world's judgment day will be May 21st of this year. They believe that all those that have led good lives and those who are "saved"...
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    Well I've been trying for awhile to do a EuroFighter and I've always ended up scrapping ideas but I think I might make a quality coaster this time round (hopefully). So here's some pictures, let me know what you think of the colors. Track is finalized pending others opinions, train colors are...
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    Biggest Amusement Industry Mess Up(s) of the Decade

    Ok once again not meaning to rip off TPR but this is for the same reason as the Amusement Industry Achievement Thread. What was the biggest mess up of the decade? Was it the bankruptcy of Hard Rock Park? The failure that was Son of Beast? Geauga Lake being closed down? Y'all know what to do...
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    Biggest Amusement Industry Achievement(s) of the Decade

    Ok, I'm not exactly meaning to copy off TPR, but I thought this was a good topic and could lead to some good discussions. It's right what it says on the tin. What do you think is the biggest achievement of this decade? Once again you don't need to just list one, I just happened to say something...
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    Jinx- Intamin Hyper (Download available!)

    Here are some teaser shots for my new coaster that I've spent quite a while on. I'm in the process of supporting and am still tweaking unsupported parts of the layout. But here;'s some pics:
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    Surfer (Teaser pics)

    A Maurer Sohne X-Car similar to Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit', Surfer is sure to make you feel as if you're riding a wave (not really but for the sake of the ride :P) Teaser pics Lift hill (I studied H: RRR's lift very closely to make this) Vertical lift Looking down the first...
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    My first wooden coaster, a modern day Dinn/Summers creation, named after the poisonous spider, it lurks out in the fog, and jumps on you! Right from the first drop, this coaster will throw you around and make you dizzy from beginning to end! (I know sucky tagline just go with it :P)...
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    Demon: B&M Floorless

    New coaster (again)!!! Probably my best yet. Teaser photos!
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    Acrophobia (Download available!)

    Well I've got a new coaster, an unnamed B&M hyper with a top speed of about 78 mph, a height of about 225 feet, and a length of 4293 ft. Some screens: And a full layout shot Download (and possibly a video) will be up within the week. Comments and criticism appreciated!
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    Bolt: B&M Invert

    My first NL coaster released to the public: BOLT Statistics: Height: 175 ft/53 m Speed: 61 mph/98 kmh Length: 2811 ft/856 m Inversions: 4 (Loop, Immelmman, 2 corkscrews) Download
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    Golden Ticket Awards

    The results are in! Typical Golden Tickets but meh. Here they are.
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    Dive Machine at Heide Park?

    Read this on Screamscape This is interesting. If it is the track that was found at the Ohio plant (which can be seen here), then that'll be really cool
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    SoB Station to be used as Haunt, no effort to reopen ride

    From Screamscape, Maybe since it's not open for the rest of the year they might as well use the station for something for right now? Or could this mean something else?
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    Music in parks

    I was thinking about this today. What type of music is played n your home park? Does it depend on the section you're in (if there's a specific type of section like movie themed or whatever). Is it just the hit music from yesterday or just the worthless **** of today? I think it'd be interesting...
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    12 year old girl severely injured on Wisconsin Dells Ride

    I read this and was like, holy ****.
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    Six Flags Cuts workforce: Moving HQ from NY to Dallas ... gD9GFN5B00
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    RCF's Construction Topic NEW Intamin Mega Lite: PIRATE

    After 3 months of pure procrastination, I decided to finish what I had started 3 months ago. This is a new coaster called "The Dream Machine". My first coaster on CF but my fourth coaster made and the second with the custom supports. Pics! Whole coaster from a distance Train on the loop...
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