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  1. ava1enzue1a

    Why are coaster cars taken off the track during off-season?

    Take Millennium Force, for example: (Source: I've wondered about this off and on for a while now so I finally ask, why are they taken off the track during winter/off-season? Are there particular reasons for this? Why don't they just...
  2. ava1enzue1a

    Nitro Vs. Apollo's Chariot

    Like Millennium Force and Bizarro, they tend to rival against each other on the Golden Ticket Awards. So for those of you here who've ridden both coasters - Nitro and Apollo's Chariot - which one is more preferred and why?
  3. ava1enzue1a

    Original I305 Layout Vs. Modified I305 Layout

    I've always wondered this ever since they've modified the ~270° turn due to both overly intense blackouts and wheel melting, but never found too many opinions about it so I thought I'd ask here... How does the original I305 track compare to the currently modified track? Has it improved or...
  4. ava1enzue1a

    Aging (rust, rot/decay etc.)

    First, have any steelies ever rusted to the point of being unsafe and inoperable? Likewise, have any woodies ever decayed or rotted to that point? Secondly, how are roller coasters prevented from aging quickly? Do new paint jobs prevent rusting on steelies? Can a clear finish be used to prevent...
  5. ava1enzue1a

    Best headchoppers, footchoppers, close encounters etc.

    Which coasters are the best for making it seem like you're actually going to hit surrounding structure or objects? And during which part of the ride? Notable ones off the top of my head: Apollo's Chariot - Tunnel at bottom of 2nd drop. Gemini - Both headchoppers at bottom of first and 5th...
  6. ava1enzue1a

    Roller coaster names: best and worst fitting?

    There are a lot of cool names for roller coasters, but which ones really fit their theme and actual ride experience best? And which names don't really fit their coaster at all? From the top of my head, best: Maverick actually is one hell of a wild ride. Leviathan really is huge, even compared...
  7. ava1enzue1a

    Coasters that seemed ahead of their time

    Which roller coasters seemed "too advanced" or "unbelievable" for the year they were opened, past or present? Two right off the top of my head are... Alpengeist: It's hard to believe that such a massive, speedy invert would be built even these days, let alone 16 years ago. Top Thrill...
  8. ava1enzue1a

    Apollo's Chariot Re-Creation

    Hey all, been trying to re-create Apollo's Chariot. Possible cliché by now I know, but I've been trying to get mine very close to the real thing. I've seemed to go as far as I can now without any input/advice and have finally hit a roadblock, so here I am trying to learn an extra thing or two...
  9. ava1enzue1a

    Loudest chain lifts?

    Clank-clank-clank-clank-clank! Which chain lifts do you find the loudest? I find Griffon's is really loud! I can't even hear what the person next to me is saying when going up that thing! Any more loud chain lifts out there?
  10. ava1enzue1a

    Good things come in pairs?

    Might there be a universal pattern that for every major company/product/corporation etc there seems to be another major one that can match in rank/competition? I know the idea seems kind of vague and ambiguous, at least for a few reasons 1) there may even be a third/fourth/etc entity that can...
  11. ava1enzue1a

    Roller Coasters = Eye Candy?

    I know we all like to ride them, but do you find them fascinating to look at? Or do you just like riding them? I absolutely love looking at them, especially watching the trains as they travel the layouts. I could do that all day too, just as I can with riding them :) Hbu?
  12. ava1enzue1a

    Most painful brake runs?

    Just wondering... Which coasters do you think have the most painful brake runs, be it a mid-course or a final (or other if applicable)? Technically speaking, the ones with the greatest negative (-) g-forces via linear acceleration? Of the ones I've personally ridden, I'd have to say...
  13. ava1enzue1a

    Adrenaline rushes!

    You know, that "tickly butterflies in your stomach" feeling you get during big drops or quick launches. Ever wonder where it comes from? Here's what happens: Source: Anyway, what roller coaster has given you the greatest adrenaline rush ever...
  14. ava1enzue1a

    Most coasters you've ridden in a single day?

    Burning curiosity - what's the most # of coasters you've ridden in a single day/trip? And for reference, I'm referring to UNIQUE rides, not counting repeated rides of the same coaster. And if you can remember, which coasters were they, and in what order? I had ridden 13 roller coasters during...
  15. ava1enzue1a

    Déjà Vu (Giant Inverted Boomerang) closed @ SFMM?

    What the... ? The Déjà Vu is now closed at SFMM? And they're gonna relocate it to SFNE? Why?! What's up with all these giant inverted boomerang closings and relocations? Just wondering.
  16. ava1enzue1a

    My handful of coaster questions...

    I've wondered some of these things for a while, and despite excessive browsing over coaster stuff or even actual research attempting to find some of these things out, I've never come across an answer or explanation. Thanks to anyone who could enlighten me about any of these questions... 1) How...
  17. ava1enzue1a

    Which coaster(s) do you ride first?

    What roller coasters do you start off with, right after you've arrived at the park? The big ones, or the small ones? In other words, would you prefer to induce the largest possible adrenaline rush by starting off with the largest coaster, then ride anything else after that? Or would you induce...
  18. ava1enzue1a

    Smoothest coaster?

    Which coaster provided you the smoothest ride experience of all? For me it'd have to be Griffon @ Busch Gardens Williamsburg (riding it last year in June). I personally recall the ride being extremely smooth - there are no particular memories of even a single bump or rattle. I'm not sure a...