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  1. bizarrofan10

    Six Flags Fiesta Texas | "Iron Rattler" |Steel Hybrid ... n-rattler/ Maybe the best 2013 Six Flags addition? This looks like they are copying the New Texas Giant at Over Texas by taking a woodie and hybriding it, but the zero-g looks good. How does this compare to NTG?
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    Six Flags New England | New England SkyScreamer | Star Flyer ... _ride.html BOOM. respond away............
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    Cedar Fair Fast Lane Pass ... ing-system As you know, Cedar Fair is one of the few park chains not to have any sort of cut-the-line system. Kings Island is the first Cedar Fair park to introduce the Fast Lane Pass. You can jump the queue for 10 rides for only $50 between 12 and 7...
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    2011 Golden Ticket Awards The ceremony was held at Holiday World on September 16-17 Winners have been announced!
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    Great Parks with only a few coasters

    What are some great parks that most people haven't heard of because they have only a few coasters (a maximum of 3)? In addition, what makes them great? (money on Snoo saying lake compounce because of Boulderdash)
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    Dorney Park |"Stinger"| Vekoma Invertigo

    Stinger - Vekoma Invertigo Boomerang Located next to Posessed, opens 2012 ... tinger.cfm
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    Dorney Park Coaster Count

    The Dorney Park website lists seven roller coasters: Steel Force, Hydra, Talon, Posessed, Thunderhawk, Wild Mouse, and Woodstock Express I always thought Dorney had seven roller coasters until I went to to update my coastercount. When going to the Dorney page (as I am going...
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    Other Coaster Communities

    So CF isn't the only online roller coaster community. Some others, to name a few, are coasterbuzz and american coaster enthusiaists. I was wondering: Are any CFers also members to these other communities and attend their park meet-ups along with CF's park meetups (CF Lives)?
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    SFNE Opening Day

    So today in the 40 degree weather I went to SFNE on opening day. This year I decided not to get a SF Season Pass and instead get a SFNE day ticket becuase it will be the only SF park I am going to this summer (the others are cedar fair) Well, first, Bizarro was closed at 10:00 a.m...
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    Too old for Disney....

    So, are people 13+ (teenagers and grownups) too old for Disney? Would it be "childish" to return to get the Expedition Everest cred?
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    How cautious are you about your seat belt?

    I was randomly thinking about this earlier today.......... When you have a coaster (or any ride really) with a seatbelt, how cautious are you about making sure it is tight/secure?
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    Cedar Point and King's Isalnd Lines

    What are the lines like at these two parks between June 1-10? I assume they are short becuase the parks just opened but you guys would know EDIT: I just realized I have school up to June 16, and the CF Live is June 23, so I wouldn't be able to go in June, forcing me to go in July. NEW...
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    4D vs. 5D

    As of now X2 (at MM) is the world's only 5th dimension roller coaster, but there are about 10 4D coasters. What is the difference between a 4D and a 5D? What transformed X from a 4D to a 5D? What are the qualifications for a coaster to be called 5D?
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    CF Chat

    On the bottom of the main forum screen, it lists the members on line and hays a CF chat option. Of the 2 months I have been a member, not once have I ever seen anyone chat. Sometimes I leave a chat message such as "if anyone wants to chat feel free" but no one ever responds. I think chat...
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    Cedar Point and King's Island

    My questions are: 1) What are the most popular water rides at Cedar Point Soak City and King's Island Boomerang Bay? 2.) What are the most fun shows to watch at Cedar Point and King's Island? Feedback would be appreciated
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    Cedar Point VIP Tours

    The Cedar Point VIP Tours cost $375 per person for a minimum of 2 people. It lasts for 8 hours. You skip the line and choose your seating on the ride. So, if you wanted to, you could ride every coaster in the front seat. Cedar Point has a lot of rides, 17 coasters, atleast 20 family rides...
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    Better coaster: Bizarro (SFNE) or Millennium Force

    Which of these two steel monuments is better? Bizarro - Six Flags New England - 221 ft 77 mph - hypercoaster Millennium Force - Cedar Point - 310 ft 93 mph - giga In the last 10 yrs, Millennium Force has won 5 Golden Ticket Awards and Bizarro has won 5. They go back and forth from 1...
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    2011 trips

    Is CF-Live planning a trip to Cedar Point, Kings Island, or any midwest park within four hours of one of those two for 2011, becuase I would definately attend that????
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    Better Wooden Roller Coaster: El Toro vs Boulder Dash

    What is the better wooden roller coaster: El Toro or Boulder Dash? A little background info on each: El Toro - Six Flasgs Great Adventure Tops 180 ft 76 degree drop Boulder Dash - Lake Compounce Only 100 ft but known for its speed and terrain course I vote El Toro. What do you guys think...
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    New coaster for Six Flags over Georgia

    Six Flags over Georgia is introducing a new roller coaster for the 2011 season: Dare Devil Dive. It is a 95 ft tall euro-fighter model with a greater-than-vertical drop and three inversions. What do you hear about it? What are your opinions? How does it compare with other Georgia greats?