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    Thoughts on Swarm

    i went to tp today and managed swarm 7 times. i have to say the ride was really comfy and smooth. it broke down 3 times (from what i could see) in the day. it was enjoyable but lacked length.
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    what was that coaster?

    I went to legoland today and I saw an advert for the merlin annual pass and I hadnt seen it before it was when I went and saw bob the builder 4d (because im really cool) and on the advert was a rollercoaster. it was white and went up side down thats all I remember can anyone help me please?
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    cflive at thorpe park

    just a quick question will we have to book thorpe park for the fright nights in october?
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    Is anyone going to any festivals this year?

    im going to Reading festival this year it will be my first festival is anyone going or have gone to any festivals and could anyone give me any tips?
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    thorpe park family friendly?

    in my opinion thorpe park is great for really young children and those that like rollercoasters although i go on all the rides my little brother who is too big for the small rides and wont brave the rollercoasters the only ride he will go on is the rapids anyone else got any opinions on the...