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  1. Zwoopaman

    Belgian and Dutch parks floodings

    Small update on the floods in Belgium. Obviously the parc is closed atm.
  2. Zwoopaman

    Toverland's Expansion Plan

    They certainly have the room to expand.
  3. Zwoopaman

    La Mer de Sable (France) to build a Mine Train for 2020

    If you are to believe Wikipedia they're owned by CDA. Which is quite funny because it's only a 20 minutes drive from Parc Astérix.
  4. Zwoopaman

    Ride Related Dreams You've Had

    In my dream I was finally going to ride Kondaa in Walibi Belgium and the ride literally had 0 airtime. It was so disappointing.
  5. Zwoopaman

    Vertical Lift Coaster At Vekoma Factory.

    Are you sure this is part of the train? This one has wheels on the inside of the track while the vertical coaster should have them on the outside. I also remember the trains having 4 across seating.
  6. Zwoopaman

    Plopsaland de Panne | The Ride to Happiness | Mack Xtreme Spinning Coaster | 2021

    The theming is fine but the name sounds like it belongs in a Chinese park.
  7. Zwoopaman

    Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster | 2020

    Well, looopings just posted an article. It seems to be open to the public.
  8. Zwoopaman

    Holiday Park Developments

    I feel like this parc misses a decent family coaster. The step up from the indoor kiddie to gforce or skyscream is just too big imo. A family woody like the one at plopsa or a gerst like the ones at parc asterix / bellewaerde would be a great fit.
  9. Zwoopaman

    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    Toverland has bought a second train for Boosterbike to reduce the maintenance downtime.
  10. Zwoopaman

    Toverland | Fenix | B&M Wing Coaster

    I had to look that one up but yeah just like PMBO.
  11. Zwoopaman

    Toverland | Fenix | B&M Wing Coaster

    Dwervelwind has 2 aswell. The transfertrack is under the station building and works with a lift.
  12. Zwoopaman

    Toverland | Fenix | B&M Wing Coaster

    Yes, not sure how a third would fit on this layout.
  13. Zwoopaman

    Toverland | Fenix | B&M Wing Coaster

    Getting close now! Also, have a look at this great pic taken from the Troy lifthill. Source:
  14. Zwoopaman

    Toverland | Fenix | B&M Wing Coaster

    They're working on the wing over drop and final turns now.
  15. Zwoopaman

    Toverland | Fenix | B&M Wing Coaster

    And the helix is done. Looks like it will pull some strong g's. Edit to add another tweet with a better viewing angle. The first part of the zero G roll is also up in this pic.
  16. Zwoopaman

    Toverland | Fenix | B&M Wing Coaster

    The first drop is 40m and this first hill is 15m. So I think it will definitely be noticeable.
  17. Zwoopaman

    Vekoma New-Gen Coasters Discussion Thread

    The Top Gun layout has been revealed on the Vekoma fb page. Look at that glorious top hat!
  18. Zwoopaman

    Toverland | Fenix | B&M Wing Coaster

    Actually, the Toos part in Toos-express refers to their mascot Toos Toverhoed (Toos Magic hat). Toos is just a dutch female name. The hall in which this coaster is located is called Land van Toos (Land of Toos).
  19. Zwoopaman

    Efteling Replacing Python.

    The entrance into the corckscrew does seem to be much better than what it was before. As seen in the pictures in this tweet.