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  1. Ethan

    Thorpe Park 2021 Coaster Concept

    I doubt anybody will read this, but for the last month or so I've been working on a little project whenever I had the time. This is my first attempt at custom scenery from Sketchup and Photoshop into Nolimits 2. This coaster isn't what I think will be coming to the park, just what I wish would...
  2. Ethan

    CSO that emits light?

    Hi guys, I doubt this will even be seen by anyone as the NL2 part of CF is quiet as of late. Basically I've began a new project and I need the globes to emit light. I worked out how to add light to them but the texture itself doesn't glow. Any tips? Here's a couple of screenshots. Need the...
  3. Ethan

    20th Century FOX Park

    Okay, so I saw the RCT2 threads hadn't been touched in an entire year, so I thought I would open up the game and start creating! I don't expect anyone to actually see this because this part of the forums doesn't get seen much, but here goes! This is my idea of what a 20th Century FOX Film Park...
  4. Ethan

    Project Torrent - Mack Mega Coaster [NL2]

    Something I'm working on... Project Torrent Comments and criticism welcome :)
  5. Ethan

    Ethan's Thread

    So yesterday I started playing RCT3 again! Comments and constructive criticism welcome :)
  6. Ethan

    Ethan's RCT3 Project

    The rumours were true, a new theme park is heading our way! My friend works in construction and happens to be working on the project right now! The name of the park is not yet know, neither do I know what rides it will house. However my friend has taken a few pictures of some construction...
  7. Ethan

    The Enlightenment Project

    Hopefully I'll actually finish this one to the end. This one is more ambitious! ^ Beginnings of station and indoor section. Manufacturer - Gerstlauer
  8. Ethan

    Canada Creek Coaster

    Thought I would give this it's own topic. This is my first hand-built coaster in years, and it's designed around Loggers Leap in the Canada Creek area at Thorpe Park. Here's some screenshots... Flying over the Logger's Leap tunnel with Saw in the background...
  9. Ethan

    Gardaland 2013 Dark Ride

    Not sure if this has been mentioned but Gardaland are getting a Sub-Terra style attraction in 2013! And there's a website with comics etc...
  10. Ethan

    Harry Potter Studios

    Not really a theme park, but this looks quite fun... It's in Watford, and it's where some of the Harry Potter films were filmed! It has sets, models, and other interactive stuff. No rides as far as I know of. To be honest though, I don't think coasters etc...
  11. Ethan

    Sleep Problems

    I hate it when it's 3 in the morning and I just can't get to sleep. Also, I can get quite hot in the night, which is just annoying. It's driving me crazy! So my question is, how do you help yourself get to sleep?
  12. Ethan

    Not being racist, but...

    Everytime I go to a park in France, loads of people, even adults, casually push in front of us in queues. Now before you complain about generalisation and all that, I do understand that it is only a smallish amount of people that actually do it, and i'm sure most French people are considerate. I...
  13. Ethan

    Ethan's Dev Topic - Stuff and things

    Ok I had to scrap my B&M Hyper because I wasn't that pleased with the layout and the general theme of it. So I thought I would begin another coaster, but a completely different one. As you can see it's heavily inspired by Verbolten. I haven't done much yet, but you can get the gist of what it...
  14. Ethan

    Experiment 10 at Thorpe Park 2011

    SPOILER ALERT Now as far as I know, no one else has written a report on this attraction here on CF. Anyway, me and a huge group of friends went to Fright Night last year. I know it's January now and October was many months ago, but a lot of people at school always ask me and my friends what...
  15. Ethan

    B&M Hyper (Discontinued)

    I have created a 210ft B&M Hyper, based of Leviathan at CW. I do have screenshots of the (extremely simple) layout, however I cannot seem to get ImageShack to work. Anyway, this topic is me basically asking if anyone would work with me on finishing the coaster (supports etc), because it would...
  16. Ethan


    Would anyone be interested in a small contest where rather than designing the coaster, you have to do all of the support work, and add CS (If wanted). And the designs would be judged on creativity, realism etc. I know it sounds odd, but could it work? :/
  17. Ethan

    New Invert And Wooden coasters

    I haven't uploaded or even made a coaster for a while. But, here are two that I have been working on for a while. One of them is a short but snappy B&M Invert, and the second is a Woodie in a forest. I was planning on making scenery for both of them, but I have loads of Graphics Coursework to...
  18. Ethan

    Breeze - Power of Air

    Breeze - Power of Air This is my new coaster. I did make a great station building on Google Sketchup howeve all the textures were not showing inside nolimits. The ride is fairly short and is only 162ft, however it pulls some very strong forces all throughout the coaster. Here is a POV video I...
  19. Ethan

    Runaway Wooden Coaster

    Here is the Woodie i've been working on using Newton 2 and Nolimits :P There are no G pumps at all, here are the stats... Height-110ft Length-2897ft Speed-51mph I dont think it will let me upload pics, so here's a video![/url]
  20. Ethan

    New Gerstlauer Spinning Coaster

    Hey guys, i'm been working on a spinning coaster for some time now. However, I have no idea how to post pictures up! How do I do this so I can show some development and you can give advice to help :P