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    Line Game

    I guess this is the correct place to post this? I just stumbled upon a random website that's kind of like building a roller coaster while you ride it. Move your mouse to manipulate a line. It's obviously not an actual rollercoaster game, but thought I'd share just incase anyone fancies a few...
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    The New Mondial Capriolo

    A new twist has been made to the Mondial Capriolo's called a Capriolo 10. Basically it's the same as any other Mondial Capriolo, but one thing is added. It also rotates... as if this ride wasn't intense enough! Absolute madness! I would love to ride one of these. This probably won't seem...
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    Do you smoke?

    It's been done before but not in a long time! Things might have changed etc. Basically, do you smoke? Opinions? This is about cigarettes by the way, not other forms of smoking. But feel free to dicuss other things you smoke, if you do, here if you really want to.
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    Favourite Member of Gorillaz

    I'm bored. Who's your favourite? 2D Murdoc Noodle Russell All (from left to right) Murdoc, Russell, 2D and Noodle at the bottom
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    Skinny Jeans

    What do you think about skinny jeans? Do you like them on men? Women? Do you not like them at all? What colours? Do you like them, but would never wear them? Are you not fussed? Discuss! :D
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    Rita vs. Stealth

    I finally went on Stealth for the first time not long ago and I know this topic has probably been done a thousand times before, but oh well. Instead of bumping a 9 month old topic from last season I thought I'd start a new one. People's opinions may have changed since the last poll and it...
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    Favourite Blackpool Woodie

    Probably been done before, but not for a long time. I know some of you on here dislike them all, but which is your favourite Blackpool woodie? :P Big Dipper Grand National Rollercoaster Wild Mouse Zipper Dipper
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    Specs or Lenses?

    What do you prefer out of contact lenses or glasses? At the moment I'm starting to need to use my glasses more and more often. That's why I'm getting contact lenses soon because I hate wearing glasses in lessons to see the board etc. :D I like lenses better. What about you? Also if your...
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    UK's Best Red Coaster?

    Pointless poll time :P What is the UK's best coaster that has red coaster track? I'm not talking about supports or train, but actual track. I've also only included major coasters otherwise it would be a bit stupid. Options: G-Force - Drayton Manor Jubilee Odyssey - Fantasy Island...
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    UK's Best Tower Ride

    I know this has probably been done before but not for quite a long time. What is the UK's best tower ride? Apocalypse - Drayton Manor Barnstormer/Space Shot - Loudoun Castle/ Southport Big Ben - Travelling UK Fairs Bounce - Oakwood Cliffhanger - Flamingo Land...
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    Would you ride Flying Circus?

    Flying Circus This is a sort of second edition to the topic "Would you ride Extasy?" that I made a few months back. That topic can be found here. If you had the chance to go on the Flying Circus ride found at the fair would you ride? Do you think it looks too intense or sickly or do you...
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    Tesco or Tescos?

    It really annoys me when people call the shop "Tesco" Tescos. Why add a random "s" onto the end of the word? Does that mean you should say Asdas? Should you say Drayton Manors? The logo of Tesco is: There is no S. The website is, not I know some...
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    Oblivion - Front or Back Row?

    I'm not sure if this has been fone before or not. I had a look and couldn't find anything. Do you prefer the front or back row on Oblivion? The front row has a better view. You also get tilted more on the holding break. The back has more airtime and the higher seats making it floorless...
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    Daniel or Natasha Bedingfield

    I'm bored so I felt like starting a new poll. Do you like Daniel Bedingfield or Natasha Bedingfield better? Daniel had 3 number ones and several hits including "Gotta Get Thru This", "If You're Not The One", "Never Gonna Leave Your Side", "Nothing Hurts Like Love" and more. Natasha had...
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    Is Rita Rough?

    I've had a quick search and I can't find a topic on this. There definately hasn't been one recently so peoples opinions could have changed since then anyway. If there is a topic on this then please lock. There are mixed opinions on Rita's roughness. Some find it painful and others find it...
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    Would you ride Extasy?

    Would you dare go on this ride or would you throw up? It would give you the ultimate head rush because of how long it holds you upside-down for and looks like one of the more intense flats I've seen. What do you think?
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    Best Sugababe?

    Which is your favourite Sugababe? Even though Amelle took Mutya's place and Heidi took Siobh?n's I included every member that has been in Sugababes. Keisha Buchanan Heidi Range Amelle Berrabah Mutya Buena Siobh?n Donaghy My favourite has to be Mutya. Even though she...
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    Least Favourite Alton Coaster

    We all know that Nemesis would win hands down with a favourite Alton Coaster poll but I thought it would be interesting to see the least favourite Coaster. A lot of people seem to love Rita, but a lot seem to dislike it as well. Maybe Nemesis will not get the least votes, meaning it isn't...
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    The Paste Game

    Okay the rules are simple. All you need to do it press ctrl + v and see what comes up! Okay starting off mine is:
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    Equinox (Tango)

    What are your opinions on Equinox? I went on it last night at Ilkeston fair for the first time in 2 years and LOVED it. I sat at the very end and was going non-handed and letting my legs go free all the way. I just love how high you are and how intense it is. I also love how you kind of stand up...