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    Man falls from Opa roller coaster at Mt. Olympus ... id=9457542 Some might be more surprised that it didn't happen sooner, but I won't mention that. I wouldn't want to be considered callous.
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    Hard Rock / Freestyle Music Park Rides sold The presence of Time Machine on the listing sure seems to indicate it's not going to Kentucky.
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    Woman Falls From The Texas Giant To Her Death

    Apparently a woman was ejected from the New Texas Giant and died today. :shock: :( ... her-death/
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    The Next Cars Land

    Will be apparently going to Tokyo Disneyland. The rumor I heard said it may possibly replace the entire Rivers of America area. Currently looking for more to back this up.
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    Vidam Park bankrupt, to close...

    Yeah. I've never been, but this was in Amusement Today and Screamscape...
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    Where is the thread about the 2012 Olympics?

    Hot damn this thing is ugly.
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    California's Great America up for sale... Still/Again. Story confirms with a quote from Kinzel that they are looking at selling to the 'Niners.
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    Tex-Mex 2010 - Milestones Don't Matter

    So... I went to Tejas and Mexico City. Here's some pictures and words. First, I went to Sandy Lake Park. It's a smallish park in Carrolton, T.X. that caters largely to groups and businesses. It's kind of like Stricker's Grove, but with more public access. They have a Pretzel dark...
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    Signature banners

    So, my count reflects correctly, but the banner signature seems to only be capable of showing three digits... :( Can someone from Management fix this for me?
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    How young is too young?

    I was just curious, but how young is too young to bring a child on a coaster, or other type of ride? I know that there are some rides out there with no height restriction in place, but it still would seem odd to bring an infant on something besides a carousel or a park train... Opinions?
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    A secret project, but now all can be told!

    On Thursday the 17th, we woke up fashionably late, and got ready to arrive at the hospital at 10 AM. Lake Forest Hospital is a small, but really nice hospital in an upscale suburb of Chicago. (Seriously, the median house goes for a million dollars, easily.) The main entrance... Since...
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    Euro Euro Euro: Pa Park, -Mir and -Star

    Honest question: I've been looking over steel ballots until my eyes cross (and I've ID some of you guys' ballots :) ) and I'm noticing one odd thing that I don't understand: The two coasters at Europa Park, Eurosat and Euro-Mir, don't make much sense to me on a LOT of ballots. Some people...
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    2009 Mitch's Steel Coaster Poll

    It's alive! Ted's Helper is here: ... ?test=true
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    Celebration City

    So, RCDB has the Miler coaster Jack Rabit moving to Wild Adventures in Valdosta, GA this winter. Herschend Family Entertainment has already packed up the Millenium Flyers from Ozark Wildcat and sent them there for use on Cheetah. Is Celebration city done? Should we stick a fork in it...
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    Kings Dominion 2010 Project

    OK, I searched for anything on this, without result. If there's a thread already, delete this one. So, there's planning premissions at city hall, land clearing and supports on site, so something's up at Kings Dominion, right? Well, rumor has it trucks showed up at the park today and...
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    Diamondback Opening Day

    Yeah, when I'm in Waffle House territory, how can I not eat there? Dang, I parked kind of close. I hope it doesn't fall on my car. My buddy, Eric. Because I was way too close to NOT drag him out of the house. Soon, my pretty. Not really, this sign was like 40 minutes after we...