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    What are some recent hit singles that are covers of former hit singles?

    I am admittedly out-of-touch with contemporary pop singles. So I was wondering if acts still have hit songs when they directly cover former hit songs. This seemed to happen a lot in the 80s, with people having hit singles doing covers of former Motown hits. PS- I am not referring to sampling...
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    Christmas Decorators Question

    Curious how it feels this season with increase in homes and amount of lights for Christmas, being displayed? Because of other winter activities, i don't traditionally do Christmas Decorating. But, I love what I'm seeing out there and almost want to unpack some lights and cords, from the peer...
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    How do you like to watch your movies?

    So, a lot of the hollywood bigshots complain about "the death of movie theatres", and while i've had a great time attending theatres i don't miss them that much. The transition from movies to computer screens has in my opinion lead to more diversity in movies in general, and while this is a...