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  1. Ethan

    Thorpe Park 2024?

    I might be wrong on this, but didn't the MTDP back in the day state that the 2012 coaster could/would not exceed 40m in height, and a 2015 coaster wouldn't exceed 50m? If that's the case, I'm not sure how they were ever planning a hyper.
  2. Ethan

    Thorpe Park 2024?

    Exodus, the word itself, sounds cool because it has an X in it and therefore the scrabble scores would be decent too, but it's not really an interesting word, right?
  3. Ethan

    YAY Merlin!

    It's almost as if this way of thinking would have been beneficial for them all along ;)
  4. Ethan

    Common theme park tropes that you aren't a fan of

    God forbid a park tries to provide decent customer service!
  5. Ethan

    Common theme park tropes that you aren't a fan of

    Food is a big one for me, it's rare that I'll go to a park that has varied food options, including lots of veggie options which is what I eat! As mentioned previously, parks like Drayton Manor are awful for this. On my visit, all the few food outlets they had were busy and they all pretty much...
  6. Ethan

    Le Pal Opening Atlantica Supersplash Clone In 2021

    PowerSplash, perhaps? They can't be that much more expensive, right?
  7. Ethan

    Energylandia | Choco Chip Creek | Vekoma Minetrain | 2021

    We love a budget Mickey's Toon Town, already looks better than that awful area with Abysmal or whatever the new Vekoma is called!
  8. Ethan

    Rank the B&M Hyper coasters

    Hot take, but I've ridden Silver Star and rode Rita again a few weeks ago and weirdly I got much more exciting airtime on Rita? I know, I'm trash for thinking it, but you all knew that anyway.
  9. Ethan

    S&S Axis Coaster for Europe in 2023?

    I wouldn't get your hopes up for anything more than a new bouncy castle and a Love Island scare maze tbh
  10. Ethan

    Paultons Park | Farmyard Flyer | Custom Zierer Force | 2022

    I mean, I don't think we've really seen all they can do yet. Tornado Springs is their only top-quality area in my opinion, at least so far. I really don't think the rest of the park stands up to even Merlin parks, so I think it's too soon to say. I think what is clear though it that both...
  11. Ethan

    Merlin announces agreement to open LEGOLAND Korea

    Indeed, or perhaps a Sophie's Choice walkthrough attraction?
  12. Ethan

    Vekoma testing something new ? (at their testing facility)

    Thrilling stuff, that.
  13. Ethan

    Merlin announces agreement to open LEGOLAND Korea

    Well I think the medieval area might just be the saddest thing I've ever seen?
  14. Ethan

    Busch Gardens Tampa | Unknown | S&S Screamin' Swing

    This, and I think at least 5 others made the same joke beforehand! Such easy bait.
  15. Ethan

    Busch Gardens Tampa | Unknown | S&S Screamin' Swing

    So is this their new for 2022 ride now that Iron Gwazi has rotted in the Florida sun and is now unsafe to operate?
  16. Ethan

    New Premier track at Intermountain Lift

    I mean nobody thought they'd buy a dive coaster so, who knows? I highly doubt it though, so I do agree with you. Do the Sky Rocket IIs have the option of a dual loading station like Mr Freeze or maybe a turntable ala Pulsar? Just wondering.
  17. Ethan

    New Premier track at Intermountain Lift

    Does Efteling have height limits?
  18. Ethan

    As the predicted queue line ever been wrong and it's taken longer than the expected time ?

    Yeah I did hear about parks like Alton Towers using the mobile app and "sensors around the queues" to monitor how long those in the app have been in that area or something, but that's the extent of my knowledge/what I've been told. Obviously not a flawless system though as last month during my...
  19. Ethan

    Rank the Alton Towers coasters

    Matt I've ridden in the back row many times and there has been no dicklift at all, not even a slither. There are a few moments you feel like you're gonna get some but it never comes :(
  20. Ethan

    Rank the Alton Towers coasters

    1. Oblivion 8/10 2. Nemesis 8/10 3. Smiler (the layout is genius, but needs lapbars) 7/10 4. Wickerman (needs just a few pops of actual airtime to be noteworthy.) 6/10 5. Rita (rode this again last month and it was actually decent and it ruined my week) 6/10 6. Thirteen 5/10 7. Galactica (makes...