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    Haunted Mansion Howl

    I have always been curious about the howl coming from the Haunted Mansion at Knoebels. You can hear it at the beginning of this video: I don't know they used for the sound as I have never heard anything like it. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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    A massive snake has risen. Fear the wrath of Titanoboa!
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    Wild Mouse Brakes

    I'm recreating a spinning wild mouse in Planet Coaster and i don't know if the brakes in between the hairpin turns are block brakes or trims. How many blocks are there besides the station, lift, and final brake run?
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    Worst Small World Rip-off

    What is the wost It's A Small World rip off you've ever seen or ridden? For me this is . I know TPR is awful, but it's the only video of this rip-off i know of.
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    Iconic Tunes

    Post iconic tunes here! I'll start:
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    Weird Dark Rides

    What's the weirdest dark ride you've ever seen? Mine has got to be this: