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  1. Robbie

    CWOA | Project Amazon | B&M Wing Coaster (Jumanji Land?)| 2023

    I do feel Chessington could probably do a ride like this with their own theming, rather than a licence, but I suppose they did have Beanoland for years. All four Jumanji films (including Zathura) are made by Tri-Star/Sony, with a fifth in development. I would suspect this ride wouldn't tie into...
  2. Robbie

    What is the worst ghost train you’ve ever ridden?

    Back to ghost trains, I do remember Camelot having some sort of "Mad Monk" themed one and no matter how scary the decorations were (and they weren't), any horror was undermined by the ride constantly breaking down and you ending up being pushed along the track by an apologetic teenage ride op.
  3. Robbie

    Does virtual reality have a place within theme parks?

    My local garden centre is launching a (Christmas-themed) VR Coaster experience on Monday. From what I can tell, you strap on a headset then sit in a shed for 5 minutes. This is the future.
  4. Robbie

    Nitefly is a sucker for an unexpected dino at Blackpool Pleasure Beach (and more!)

    Great review. As someone who knows Blackpool very well it's always interesting to see a newbie's perspective. I love River Caves and have grown to appreciate it more as I've got older. The "Tunnel Of Love" sign has nothing to do with the rest of ride because it was added for an episode of...
  5. Robbie

    Blackpool Central Leisure Development- Announcement Imminent

    Because the rights-holders are the ones building the attraction! This whole thing exists because Media Invest Entertainment and its sister company Nikal want to exploit the rights. Or, at least, that's the excuse they've given Blackpool Council - as you say, the website is laughable but could...
  6. Robbie

    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    Really amazed that doesn’t happen more often, but people do seem to be getting dumber
  7. Robbie

    Blackpool Central Leisure Development- Announcement Imminent

    It's complete bollocks, presented as plausible fact. From what I can gather the Chinese company who now own the rights are trying to make money from it so have teamed up with a property company to find some mug happy to give them land to build an attraction based on it. Of course, once the...
  8. Robbie

    Blackpool Central Leisure Development- Announcement Imminent

    I agree. But just to re-iterate: they're still doing it, the content will remain the same as previously announced. They're just naming the new area Blackpool Central Indoor Entertainment Park instead of Chariots of the Gods. The investors paying for the project have the rights to von Daniken’s...
  9. Robbie

    CoasterForce COVID-19 Vaccination Poll

    Fully vaxxed for a few weeks now, with AZ. I'm fairly sure I had Covid in November 2019, before we were aware of such a thing (so I just lay in bed moaning about how I'd never felt so ill) as my first shot brought back the same feelings. Luckily cleared up after 2 days and the second jab was a...
  10. Robbie

    Black Mirror- A spoiler and frustrated filled review

    To be fair, Black Mirror is an anthology show which means you can watch any episode with no prior knowledge of other episodes. So in theory you don't need to know about the show to experience the attraction and it should all be explained as you go along. I've not done it, but maybe they need to...
  11. Robbie

    Blackpool Central Leisure Development- Announcement Imminent

    Reading the original article they’re not dropping Chariots of the Gods, they’re just changing the name of the complex to something non-specific.
  12. Robbie

    Coaster/park industry news articles

    Keeping it classy - a fight over queue-jumping for the dodgems on Blackpool South Pier.
  13. Robbie

    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    Quite right. It’s not the length, it’s what you can do in a minute that counts, as I often tell my girlfriend.
  14. Robbie

    Thorpe Park | Black Mirror | Glorified mirror maze

    Worth noting that the creators of Black Mirror are no longer involved with the company who own the rights, partly because they felt the company didn't appreciate the value of the brand. So, basically, there's no-one to give a **** on either side of this deal.
  15. Robbie

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach: Future Predictions

    I think any new wooden coaster would show up how rickety the current ones are so I don’t think they’d want to invite the comparisons.
  16. Robbie

    Kent, England | The London Resort | Entertainment Complex

    You would think sorting a deal with local transport suppliers would be one of the first things you do... unless you’re really just going to build a bunch of houses because of “infrastructure issues”
  17. Robbie

    Blackpool Central Leisure Development- Announcement Imminent

    Things have moved on and there's now a consultation on phase one of the project (converting an old cinema into a food hall). Still a bit vague about everything else but the promo video does include a brief clip of a rollercoaster. The major attraction is still the Chariots of the Gods themed...
  18. Robbie

    Fantastic old coaster footage/pics

    The Guardian website has some aerial shots of old seaside towns, which means nice photos of BPB and Dreamland back in their heyday.
  19. Robbie

    Kent, England | The London Resort | Entertainment Complex

    Dropping brands in favour of generic knock-offs feels so right for this project. It's the Aldi of theme parks.
  20. Robbie

    Alton Towers vs Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Alton Towers is undoubtedly the better theme park, but Blackpool Pleasure Beach is a more simpler experience and so they kind-of compliment each other. Towers has better rides and a lovely atmosphere, but can be hard work traipsing everywhere while at Blackpool you're usually never more than a...