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  1. Smithy

    Winter Efteling

    Wasn't gonna bother with a trip report as we didn't take THAT many photos and most people know what to expect from the park but in the end I wanted somewhere to jot my thoughts down. Pretty easy to get to, so much so that I'm surprised I hadn't done it sooner. Fly into Schipol, take the train...
  2. Smithy

    Port Aventura/Ferrari Land + a bit of Barcelona

    Eh, I figured why not because if for anything I'll use it myself to read through when I can't sleep in a few years time (as I tend to do now and then in case any of you randomly get a "like" on a post from years ago). So after fretting about trying to do a multi-park trip around Northern...
  3. Smithy

    Top 10 Parks

    Because I couldn't find any topic for this after a quick look even though I'm sure we must have had one at some point. Was having a chat earlier and realised that for all the talk about how we rank the coasters we've been on, there's not necessarily the same ranking for the parks they're in...
  4. Smithy

    Phantasialand (With a bit of Milan too)

    Have heard and seen a lot about Phantasialand, particularly after Taron's arrival and I've wondered what all the hype was about. Was due a big theme park trip too after not really doing much this year so figured out that Phantasialand was possible on the cheap, then decided to ignore that...
  5. Smithy

    Explore of an abandoned/closed Pleasure Island

    Only just come across this, was nice to see an explore video of a closed park that isn't Camelot;
  6. Smithy

    Picsolve. £9?!?!

    I'm sure this isn't anything new as I swear that the Merlin parks have been running with Picsolve for a while now, but had it at Paultons yesterday and I just need to vent. So there may be little discussion value here whatsoever, or there may be. We'll see when we get to the end of this...
  7. Smithy

    Europa Park @ Halloween

    Having ummed and ahhed for a while, finally bit the bullet and booked up flights to Euroairport before spending hour after hour trying to figure out how best to approach getting to Europa Park. For this, the DB Navigator app and the Bahn website was an absolute god send. You can skip this...
  8. Smithy

    What is your favourite ATI thread?

    I really liked the one about first inversion actually, it had some discussion value.
  9. Smithy

    Thorpe Park Coaster Walk

    Thought I'd written up a small report for this but apparently not (or it's too late and I'm losing it and have missed it), so have a bit of text and some pictures. Actual day at Thorpe was ****, mainly because there's not a lot there we actually enjoy enough to bother with, so we only...
  10. Smithy

    Madrid - PDAM, PW, Zoo and Football

    Not long back from Madrid, managed to get 11 of the 13 creds available, plus see a Real Madrid game and some Pandas and Brown Bears. Having fretted about just how to get to PWM, or indeed on how to use the Madrid Metro in general given some of the horror stories online, it's beyond simple so at...
  11. Smithy

    SeaWorld to end Orca breeding programme

    Sure we had a topic discussing the future expansion proposals for Seaworld that included whole new tanks and areas for their existing orcas, I wonder if this decision will affect that.
  12. Smithy

    Mitch Hawker Poll?

    Have I completely lost my mind or was there no poll last year? The ushosho thingy website only has results for 2013 and I can't for the life of me remember filling out anything last year for it. Anybody know what's going on an am I just having a brain fart?
  13. Smithy

    Joyland/Yarmouth Pleasure Beach/Pleasurewood Hills

    I didn't really take that many pictures so there may be some RCDB images on the off chance I'm not the last person on here to mop up these creds and someone may not know what I'm on about. Plus I'm bored and like having trip reports to look back on. Last (and possibly only time, don't recall...
  14. Smithy

    Liseberg PTR

    Statty bit out the way first. Park was open 3pm-10pm on both days we visited (Weds/Thurs), on the second day the park was heaving as they had Wycleaf Jean performing. We were on park 3pm-8.30pm Weds and 4pm-6.30pm Thurs as we had to catch our flight. Ride count; Balder x 8 Helix x 8...
  15. Smithy

    Drayton Manor

    tl dr; meh Can't believe I never realised Drayton Manor was only an hours drive away. With tickets at £20 if pre-booked online, and 2 credits since I last visited, we decided to book it up and see if the park had improved since my last visit where I didn't expect to be visiting for quite a...
  16. Smithy

    Loro Parque/Siam Parque

    Not really a theme park trip but one had a credit and one had waterslides so may be of interest to people. Went to Tenerife mainly because I wanted to go somewhere Spanish that would be hot and have stuff to do and also be near a beach, ruling out Madrid for the parks or Barcelona because...
  17. Smithy

    Terrifying Experience As Family Exaggerates Incident ... night.html Adventure Island in Southend-On-Sea allegedly shut up the park whilst this guy and his family were still at the top of the ferris wheel ride on park. Their sob story is pretty standard as theme-park-related sob stories tend to go, but...
  18. Smithy

    Terra Mitica PTR

    DEREK, WE WERE ARRRFF TO BENIDORM! So yeah, week away with a beach, decent weather and a theme park and having done PA in September decided we'd go for Benidorm this time. Swam with dolphins amongst other things whilst there but I'll spare you the details and just focus on Terra Mitica for now...
  19. Smithy

    Flamingo Land and Lightwater Valley

    Spent my weekend up in Yorkshire with a 'day' at each of these parks. I say a 'day' because We spent about 5 hours at FL when it was open for 7 and 3 hours at LWV when it was open for 6 and a half. Was my third time to FL and first visit to LWV, but having not been up that neck of the woods for...
  20. Smithy

    Legoland Windsor forced to cancel Muslim 'fun-day'.

    Those of you who follow me on Twitter may have seen a few of the (many) arguments I end up in with bigoted cretins, mostly EDL or BNP members. Essentially this is another instance of a park hiring itself out to a muslim group, out-of-season, as they do with anybody else who can stump up the...