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    TEA 2019 report is out

    Always love going through the attendance report that TEA/AECOM put out every year. Link to report I noticed a few errors this year. There's a picture on pages 24/25 which caption it as being Cedar Point when it's Kings Island. Also saw Efteling mentioned as being in Belgium, big whoops. It...
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    Mystery Coaster Bus Tour - Germany 2019

    In August 8 of us took a 4 day trip around East Germany in a huge hire van/bus. It was full of creds and antics and at some point I will write up about the trip. For the time being here is a video I put together... I think Rachel has a video lurking on the internets too.
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    D23 2019

    Thought I'd create a thread for all the park news to come out of this years D23, Christmas for Disney fans. Last night was a media preview of the actual Parks pavilion where some interesting bits and pieces are being shown off. There's an official blog post revealing some details - link...
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    USA East coast road trip 2019

    I was very excited for this trip, lots of interesting new places as well as returning to some favourites from my big trip in 2012. There were 5 of us on the trip, Nic, Richard, Owain, Jordan and myself. Friday 7th My adventure started with a bit of luxury as after years of saving up points I...
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    Disneyland Paris 2018 seasons

    For those that don't know, I have an annual pass to Disneyland Paris. Throughout the year they kept on adding exciting events so we found ourselves just going back more than usual. We visited 6 times in total which I think pushed our limit and it'll be drastically reduced the next year or two...
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    Poland September 2018

    Wednesday 19th The day after getting back to London from the UAE it was back on a plane and over to Krakow. We got to our Air Bnb pretty late at night so we didn't really get to see anything until the next day. The place was kinda perfect, short walk from the train station and the town centre...
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    UAE September 2018

    Patrick and I have been aiming to head out to the UAE to grab the creds for the last year or so and we finally decided to go for it. Catching the end of their Summer we knew the weather would be gross (in terms of heat) but I don't think anything could have prepared us for what we experience (it...
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    Hansa and Denmark July 2018

    Friday 6th July The trip started with most of us meeting up at Stansted airport. Trains from London were having signal fun times, JayJay and I managed to still get our pre-arranged time with only a slight delay. Sue got caught up in the worst of it so once we met up with Richard and Jordan at...
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    TEA attendance report 2017

    It's that time again for the latest report from TEA showing the attendance numbers of theme parks, water parks and museums. I'm still working my way through but my initial reaction is that it looked like a bad year for South...
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    Movieland Park Italy - new jeep ride 2018

    Surprised this is the first I'm hearing about this but Movieland Park in Italy have built a jeep ride that you drive without any guide rails. I'm curious to see if its actually from Dynamic Attractions (remember that GI Joe ride they teased at IAPPA?) or if its all in house like most things at...
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    Tripsdrill | Hals-Über-Kopf & Volldampf | Vekoma STC & Family Boomerang Coaster;art140905,4018531
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    New wooden coaster poll

    A new wooden coaster poll based on the system used for Mitch Hawker's poll was shared over on reddit and thought some people here might be interested...
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    California October 2017

    The trip started with Joey and I catching a low budget Norwegian airways flight from London to LAX. Considering the huge flight time it went by really quickly and we enjoyed playing the entertainment system's trivia game. We were met at the airport by Kyle and Dillon who drove us to our airbnb...
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    Germany July 2017 - Hansa/Movie/Phanta

    Saturday 15th Just a travel day where I met up with Mike and we got a flight from Stansted to Hamburg. Pretty non-eventful. The hotel was right near the train station and we struggled to sleep due to a loud bar/club that was blasting music till 3am. Urgh. Sunday 16th After getting something...
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    Legendia adds new dark ride for 2018

    Alterface and Joravision are behind a new dark ride for the rebranded park in Poland. Here's the press release...
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    Plopsaland & Bruges May 2017

    So after a year of it being built, Plospaland finally opened their new wooden coaster Heidi. Nic and I being Plopsa goons decided to head over to check it out as well as popping into Bruges for lots of beer and culture. It still weirds me out how you now arrive in the car park and there's just...
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    DLP 25th Anniversary April 2017

    Patrick and I decided to take a relaxed weekend over the May bank holiday weekend to check out the new things at Disneyland Paris for the 25th anniversary. The resort was absolutely rammed over all 3 days so we didn't actually ride much but there were plenty of surprises throughout the trip...
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    Singapore/Taiwan 2017

    So Singapore has been somewhere I've wanted to go for many years and I had several plans that fell through due to costs etc. In January Patrick and I randomly decided to just book something so we ended up booking a two week trip in March and added in Taiwan to mix things up a bit. It was a...
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    Linnanmäki | Taiga | Intamin LSM Launch Coaster

    S&S posted a video on Youtube (which was taken down) of a new launch coaster. Apparently the location matches that for Linnanmaki, so maybe we could be seeing this or something else opening at the park in the next few years? Someone managed to re-post the video...
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    DLP Christmas 2016

    Not an in depth report from me this time but I thought I'd sum up some of the highlights of a weekend I had at DLP with Nic last week. Tree is big... Main Street looks great... Some winter theming over on Central Plaza... Alice maze had been spruced up, it was bright. The...