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  1. DelPiero

    Accident at Lightwater Valley Lightwater Valley incident: 'Child falls from rollercoaster' at theme park Emergency services at the scene Emergency services are reportedly dealing with a serious incident at the Lightwater Valley...
  2. DelPiero

    Energylandia - April 2018

    Haven't done one of these for a while, as we've all been most places but there's only a handful of people I know who have been here so far, but obviously everyone will descend on the place once Hyperion opens so… I had a free morning/early afternoon before my flight left after a week working in...
  3. DelPiero

    Top 10 Africa/Asia/Australia

    I consider myself reasonable well traveled now, certainly not a basic bitch, but I'm basic when it comes to Asia etc. I have some of the best creds in Europe and the US to my name which could grace most enthusiasts top 10, but nothing for the east of the world. We are lucky to have a few...
  4. DelPiero

    Six Flags Fiesta Texas gets the first RMC Raptor track! Exclusive: Six Flags to debut single-rail Wonder Woman coaster Six Flags announced today that Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster will open next spring at its...
  5. DelPiero

    Snake in the Grass/Rattlesnake Removed

    I thought it was being refurbed but seems it's being removed. The GM (Adam Noble) stated "The Rattlesnake has been a popular ride but after over 30 years, we have no other option than to decommission the ride, to make way for future development and improvements to the park which will be...
  6. DelPiero

    The curious tale of Kraken and its VR exploits I'm not a huge fan of Kraken, but knowing the earbashing you can get from some multiloopers, this is going to hurt. There's also many many stupid comments such as... "I'm...
  7. DelPiero

    Bubbleworks Closing Closing this September and will be replaced by a yet unknown attraction but probably just a retheme.
  8. DelPiero

    Screamland Margate - 2016

    Dreamland have started promoting the Screamland event for this year and have announced the new attraction; SCREAMLAND 2016 Friday 14 October 2016 18:00 to Saturday 29 October 2016 23:00 14th, 15th, 21st, 22nd, 28th and 29th October 2016. Early Bird and limited Fast Track tickets from £15...
  9. DelPiero

    Foods you won't eat

    I'm fortunate to not be picky when it comes to food, and will generally try anything once. Rarely does whatever I ate make me physically sick, only once... Jellied Eels, minging. What say thee CoasterForceians? What won't/can't you eat?
  10. DelPiero

    Intamin Immersive Dome and Ultra Tower

    More info is surfacing about the new Dome ride from Intamin as well as something that's news to me, the Ultra Tower. Personally I'm very intrigued by the Ultra Tower, thoughts? Source
  11. DelPiero

    Your most expensive cred

    With the news of Ferrari Land's pricing being announced, I started thinking about what my most expensive cred has been so far. I think it would be Boulderdash, I paid $25 and only Boulderdash was running, but that did include access to the haunted graveyard, which was fab <3 What's yours? A...
  12. DelPiero

    A couple of weekends of Awesome!

    Dorney Park I was lucky enough to get to go to Boston for work so decided to go early and come back late so I had 2 weekends to have some fun at some parks in the North East. Landed at Newark at around 9:30pm on the Friday, picked up the hire car, A Toyota Corolla for those interested and...
  13. DelPiero

    Family Trip to the Netherlands

    A couple of months ago we decided that we needed to visit some friends who have recently moved to Den Haag in the Netherlands so thought we could combine it with a trip to Plopsaland. I approached this park with a totally different mindset to normal and focused on it as a family park and based...
  14. DelPiero

    Stag Weekend in Cologne

    I've been plain awful this year writing up reports but I've been on a couple of trips which I need to write about so... Went on stag to Cologne earlier this year, as I was the best man I had free choice, so of course Phantasialand! Couple of stag pics: Michael Schumacher Karting Center. One...
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    I'm fully aware that the forum has a lot of food based topics but I'm super passionate about Cheese. I love a good cheese with a glass or red or some port, a few crackers and a accompanying chutney, so I'm wondering what your favourite cheeses are, inspiration I guess for my next bucket of...
  16. DelPiero

    Maximum G Force Records

    Been wondering about this for a while, and stumbled across this - Which states that Tower of Terror pulls the most G's at 6.3. Same website states that Dodonpa has the Launch G record at 2.7 But I couldn't find any records...
  17. DelPiero

    Factory of Fear / Scarenation Anyone heard of or been to one of their events? Seems to be reasonably new on the scene, based out of Watford/Hemel Hempstead.
  18. DelPiero

    What happened to Malaysian Airlines flight MH17?

    No, this isn't the same thread. Just heard on the radio that another Malaysian Airlines flight is in trouble. This time apparently crashes in the Ukraine. News reports indicate it was shot down. Over 200 people on board, don't know if any survived.
  19. DelPiero

    Pleasurewood Hills and Great Yarmouth 5th July

    After a nice relaxing week at Center Parcs, I decided that Pleasurewood Hills needed to be visited, as it's only 90 mins from Thetford. We stayed the night at the Travelodge round the corner and got to the nice quiet park for opening. There were a couple of characters at the entrance greeting...
  20. DelPiero

    Europa Park - Around Europe in a day

    I was lucky enough to go to Freiburg for work and my boss was kind enough to let me have the Friday off to visit Europa park. Originally it was a solo mission, but once my German colleague Patrick found out I was going, he cleared his meetings and arranged to pick me up from my hotel in Rust...