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    Disneyland Paris What Will Happen?

    There is an emergency meeting tomorrow where big changes are expected in the ownership and running of the park. Could it even come to the point where they say enough is enough? ... y.html?m=1
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    Universal Set To Expand

    Read this today and thought it was interesting. We all know the Orlando land is near enough full so they are looking at a 3rd park and a water park. They are also looking at other countries ... -universal
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    Disneyland Paris 16th to 18th June

    I was going to do a proper trip report but changed my mind as there has been loads as of late. Anyway we went to the park with two people who had never been and were really looking forward to it. They could not wait and for the past 2 months we have all been excited. Now the following...
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    It's a Small World 50th Birthday

    No idea if anyone would be interested in doing this. But it you want to do a video or anything the details are here.
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    Sea World Shares

    Cannot find the original topic, sorry. Blackstone are selling more shares in Sea World that will take them below 50%. Not totally sure if the Busch Garden shares are part of this or not. ... 2013-11-20
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    New Disney Patent

    Over the past few months there have been a few patents filed by Disney for new ride types. Well here is another one, sounds quiet interesting. ... to-planes/
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    Shanghai Disney

    Spent ages looking for the topic that I know was started but I cannot find it :( Here is a link showing a picture and some details. It does look stunning. ... -unveiled/
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    Sea World Plans For IPO

    Strange move but Blackstone plans to sell shares in Sea World to raise money. It's probably the quickest way to raise money for developments, only problem is share holders expect a return on their investment. They bought the parks in 2009. ...
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    Kodak Ends Disney Sponsorship

    Not sure if this deserved its own topic or not but done one anyway. So after 57 years Kodak ends its deal with Disney to try and help save them from going bankrupt. Kodak had a big say in planning for the theme parks beleive it or not, they helped with the way people could get better pictures...
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    Two Teenagers Thrown From A Mega Bounce

    Just read this on Sky. There is a video in the link. ... round-ride Two teenagers have been injured after being catapulted from a fairground ride. The boys were on the Mega Bounce Frog ride at Billy Bates Fairground in Abbey Park, Leicester, when it...
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    Carnival Ride In Spain Kills 3 Riders

    Just read about this and it sounds nasty. Part of the KMG Freakout snapped off. ... es-3-dead/ ... 68242.html
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    Best Known Coaster

    Was thinking about this the other day. What do you recon is the most known coaster in the world? I recon it has to be Space Mountain, it does not matter which park but I think most people know there is a coaster by that name?
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    Legoland Preview Day This Weekend Important Information

    I just got this email. LEGOLAND Windsor - Passholder Preview Weekend We are writing with important information about the Exclusive Annual Passholder Preview Weekend at LEGOLAND Windsor on the 26 & 27 March 2011. We have listened to feedback from guests who attended the Passholder...
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    Scary Footpath In Spain

    You would never ever get me doing this walk. It is a long video but worth a watch. Mountain Trail in Spain The entrances for this trail are closed but not policed. It was built in the 1920's for hydro workers. There is no rail but there is a chain to hold onto but it doesn't hold much...
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    Blackstone to Sell Their Universal Orlando Share

    This was sort of expect due to Merlin expanding into the USA. Blackstone are looking to sell their 50% in Univsrsal Studios Orlando. Blackstone, which bought into the theme park in 2000, has set in motion a right of first refusal clause that gives NBC Universal until June 12 to make a...
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    Greenwood Forest Park Wales

    I was doing a search on Google to find out coasters I have been on in Wales and found this coaster, I have not been on it just wondered if anyone has. It is rather strange.
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    Chessington Greedy Goblin

    Has the Greedy Goblin gone? I read this and found it strange. Does that mean the bar has gone etc. Chicken Shack – new for 2011 in place of the Greedy Goblin, serving Piri Piri Chicken I know a good number of people really liked the food in there, this could mean there is no where in the...
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    Chessington to Improve Bubble Works

    Some good news with regards to the Bubble Works :) They are fixing what is broken and improving the up keep of it. Pluss no more Imperial Leather :) I cannot post the text as the website asks us not to.
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    "Zooom", Zamperla Air Force coaster for Flamingoland

    Just read about this. Nothing to thrilling but seems like a good family coaster and something different. ... -for-2011/ ... egory_id=5
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    Who's Getting a Merlin Pass for 2011?

    Just out of interest really. Who is getting the pass for 2011 or are you going to rely on 2 for 1 offers? I am not getting the pass as I have no plans to go to the parks enough, GF might be my only visit to Thorpe and Chessington all year. We might go to Alton if there is a live there...