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  1. Benenen

    Kiddie Coaster Etiquette

    Matt's recent discussion in his Paultons thread has got me thinking about the embarrassment of riding tiny coasters and if there are ways to make the experience less excruciating. I recently split from some mates on a day out in Portsmouth to ride the caterpillar coaster on South Parade Pier. I...
  2. Benenen

    Sweden 2020 Trip Report - Kolmarden

    As we can all attest to 2020 has been the year for wrecked trips but here's one I managed to resurrect. Last November I booked flights to spend a weekend at Lisebergs halloween event but unfortunately the park announced they would be closed all season. So as not to waste the flight I came up...
  3. Benenen

    Alien Encounter

    I've been reading up on this ride and it sounds bizarre. The idea of Disney putting a horror attraction in Magic Kingdom with practical blood spray effects is fascinating and likely something we'll never see again. Did any CF goons ride while it was operational? Was it as scary as the hype...
  4. Benenen

    Portaventura July 2020 Report

    Evening gang, welcome to my PA report. I spent the last two days there having previously visited in 2016 so I'll be going in depth on the new stuff as well as sharing my overall thoughts on the park. This is an easy place to visit, I flew into Barcelona and got a coach direct to Salou where my...
  5. Benenen

    Ranking the Europa Park Dark Rides

    Thought this would be an interesting one as with so many middle of the pack dark rides the lists will vary a lot. I'm also interested to see where Snorri Touren fits in for those who have ridden it. Here's my thoughts. 1. Arthur - I mean, how could it not be? The only truly modern dark ride at...
  6. Benenen

    Halloween at Energylandia/Legendia

    Good evening and welcome to my Poland trip report. This is my second time visiting these parks having been last year just after Hyperion opened. A really good time was had and I was pleasantly surprised by how different Energylandia felt this time around. Let's get into it! Saturday 26th...
  7. Benenen

    What's Your Favourite Madhouse?

    Bit of a stupid question as if you've been on Hex the answer is obviously Hex. But as I feel these are sometimes overlooked rides I'll give a rundown of my favourites, looking forward to seeing how you guys rank them. 1. Hex (Alton Towers) - it's a beautiful experience. Being set in an actual...
  8. Benenen

    Thorpe Park Fright Nights 2019

    I went tonight and it wasn't great. I had to shoot off to my night shift after two hours in the park but in that time I managed three mazes and a general look round. Creak Freak Massacre was up first and it was actually fantastic. A really solid maze. Straight away your group is split up Sub...
  9. Benenen

    Thoughts on the Dutch Parks

    This past week I've been in Holland visiting Walibi, Toverland and Efteling. I didn't take many pictures and I've already forgotten the order I rode things so this report will be bullet points of my various thoughts followed by a photo dump at the end. Let's get cracking with this. - Walibi...
  10. Benenen

    Liseberg Future Additions

    Spotted this by Lond on TPR, these are photos from the City Planning Office showing plans for a hotel and a hypercoaster over the current car park. Looks pretty interesting, the park has talked about a hotel before but I wonder how accurate these plans are.
  11. Benenen

    Has a Scare Attraction Ever Been Too Much?

    Last year I went in the Hysteria maze in the Dubai Mall. I booked it on Groupon months before the trip but when I got there I was the only one in the queue to go in. I tried to stall a bit with the person checking tickets but no one else turned up to join me. Before I knew it the door shut...
  12. Benenen

    Rides That Were Ahead of Their Time

    I was recently daydreaming about my time in the UAE and, more specifically, the quality of the motion based 3D dark rides there. Speed of Magic is very average, it's a fun ride but the story is dull, the sets feel empty and there's some jarring transitions. Avengers: Battle of Ultron is much...
  13. Benenen

    Phantasialand Wintertraum Thoughts

    Evening guys and welcome to my brief report on Phantasialand. I wrote a full TR of the winter event two years ago so this will be more of a list of observations followed by a photo dump. Let's get into it! -For this trip I got the shuttle bus from Bruhl each morning so it was my first time...
  14. Benenen

    Most Universally Panned Attractions

    Hello everyone and welcome to my thread where we discuss the biggest critical failures of the theme park world. There's two that come to mind: Fast and Furious Supercharged (Universal Orlando) - Can't remember reading a single positive review when this opened. It also failed to generate much...
  15. Benenen

    Underrated Dark Rides

    I was thinking of starting a topic about everyone's favourite dark rides but then I realised the list would be flooded with mainly Potter, Spiderman and various Disney E-Tickets so it wouldn't be hugely interesting. So instead this is a place to discuss the more low budget, less talked about...
  16. Benenen

    Jurassic World Coming to Universal Studios Hollywood in 2019

    Potentially worrying stuff here. Universal are hinting at losing the river adventure ride for something new Jurassic World related in 2019. Given the time frame hopefully this will just be a retheme and spruce up.
  17. Benenen

    New Dark Ride at Legoland Windsor

    Saw this announced on their Facebook page this morning, from the description on the website it sounds like a Madhouse. And judging from the current construction walls up at the park this will be going on the path between Lego City and Atlantis. Should be a solid investment if they theme it...
  18. Benenen

    Most Unexpected Ride Announcements

    Sometimes a park announces a new ride and it's so out of the blue. This could be because it goes against the style and scale of the parks existing rides or maybe something else was strongly rumoured but never materialised. Personally I was surprised when Busch Gardens announced Tempesto. For a...
  19. Benenen

    Phantasialand Wintertraum 2017

    Right, let’s talk Phantasialand! I was here last Wednesday and Thursday for the Wintertraum event after finding a last minute deal on the website. I’d never been to Phantasialand before so it was great to finally be in a place I’d heard so much about. Rocked up to Hotel Ling Bao at about...
  20. Benenen

    Tulleys Farm Shocktoberfest 2016

    Visited on Saturday for the opening night and had such a blast. Tulleys is a huge site and includes eight different haunts, here's my thoughts in the order I went through them. There will be some spoilers ahead so please avoid this if you're planning on visiting or skim read through really...