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  1. Jake

    Reverchon swinging / drifting coasters

    Sorry if this has already been posted, done a search and couldn't find anything. The search on here can be quite poo though. Has anyone done one of these? Looks like there are two, one with orange track and one with blue. Also since when was Reverchon a thing again? POV and...
  2. Jake

    CF EU Referendum

    I can see there's another topic but couldn't find a poll. Now it's getting very close what does everyone think?
  3. Jake

    Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand

    It's a bit borderline posting this in the cred section, but there were creds, so heh. I went with my uncle again, so I was quite restricted cred-wise, and only bothered with the 'major' parks... parks with just 1 kiddie coaster were out of the question <///3. We flew to Ho Chi Minh City...
  4. Jake

    Denmark (well, half of it) and Eurovision

    If you have me or Vadge on Facebook you might be aware that we have been in Copenhagen for the last week or so. You may not have noticed, as we haven't really been posting anything at all ;). I know these creds aren't exactly the most exclusive of them all, but I'll bore you with them anyway...
  5. Jake


    So, Vadge was approaching the big 3 - 0 so we wanted to go somewhere to celebrate. We settled on Gibraltar as neither of us had been, and it is kind of a country cred. I was nice and drove to spiteful Gatwick, even though it's miles from here. Due to...
  6. Jake

    Bali, Indonesia 2013

    I got back from my most recent excursion this Monday after a grueling journey home. BTW, I went with my uncle, not a sugar daddy. I just had to do a paint map. We had connections in Doha, Qatar and Singapore, Singapore on the way to Denpasar (Bali). Qatar Airways <3. I left my house at...
  7. Jake

    United Arab Emirates

    Me and Ben only got home yesterday but I always try and do trip reports while it's still fresh in my mind... We had a week in the UAE, flying into and out of Dubai, but we were only an hour from Abu Dhabi so just did the creds there as a day trip. We landed at about midnight on the saturday...
  8. Jake

    Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro

    Minced to these countries with Ben last week. I didn't take an actual camera so didn't take loads of pics (and some of them look like they were taken with a butternut squash), but heh. We arrived in Belgrade, Serbia on Monday 6th. We were quite stuck for time so grabbed a taxi from the...
  9. Jake

    Mack SuperSplash at Plopsaland De Panne

    So... why does RCDB think it's not a cred anymore? I know it has an elevator lift instead of the normal lift hill and pre drop, but really? It's just, gone haha. They've also taken off those Wooden water chute things (Vikingar at BPB and the other one that used...
  10. Jake

    Iceland, July 2012 - Complete

    As well as PRAWN RINGS, £1 Iceland has a lot to offer. So I've just got back from a last minute trip to Reykjavik and the surrounding areas. I was there for 5 days, but will split this into three parts. Part 1 - Days 1 and 2, stuff in Reykjavik Part 2 - Day 3, Hveragerði geothermal area...
  11. Jake

    IMG Theme Park, Dubai UAE | Unknown | Mack Launched

    I couldn't see a topic for this, but if there's one already don't shoot me. Not much info yet, but here's some linkage: ... and here's the official site. It's basically a shopping mall called 'City of Arabia' with a 'theme park' in it, but suggests it's part of...
  12. Jake


    If you haven't seen the show then stop reading now! The community centre <3 The towers... On the roof of the community centre... More stuff... Oh, then we had a big fat Taco Bell... ... and got a cred. Best. Day. Ever.
  13. Jake

    Dudley Zoological Gardens

    So, I was staying with Ben in the West Midlands Urban Area. There's a cred at Dudley Zoo so we GRABBED it. It's normally £13 to get in, but we contacted the park before we went and got in for £8. As the rides are extra, the cred being £1, the discount made it a lot less spiteful. £9 for a...
  14. Jake

    Best and worst park websites

    Don't think this has been done before. Maybe it should be in the opinions forum... heh. I'll start the ball rolling with Fantasy Island. They have a history of dire sites. This is the current one. You can tell it's classy because they're advertising cheap alcoholic drinks on the homepage...
  15. Jake

    What happened to the Euro-Star invert?

    I know it traveled, then ended up at Gorky Park in Moscow, but apparently Gorky Park is no more. Does anyone know where it went? I hope it hasn't been scrapped, I'm sure it's putrid but I've always wanted to ride it </3.
  16. Jake

    The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (Complete)

    So, me and Gayvin minced to the Middle East this week. We got back to Brighton at 3am this morning, after a disgustingly long Easyjet flight and a burdenous rail replacement bus service. We were there for 4 nights, with 3 full days. Day 1 - Creds and tourist stuff in Amman, the capital. Day...
  17. Jake

    200ft Ferris Wheel for Brighton

    This may have been posted before, but it's been delayed for so long and is ACTUALLY happening. Not quite the 600ft observation tower we've been promised about a million times, but it's better than nothing I suppose. It's going to be further down on the gay side of the pier (FishLife side)...
  18. Jake

    Most ghetto-fab parks

    You know the parks I mean. They're absolute dumps, but don't try to be anything special. I'm not talking about dumps such as Flamingo Land and Thorpe Park, who try to be amazing but are total dives, but the establishments which are shamelessly dumpy but fabulous regardless. Some examples...
  19. Jake

    Clacton PTR

  20. Jake

    Strawberry picking in Warwickshire <3

    It was sunny, and me and my friend Charlotte had been talking about going for ages, so it eventually happened. The place is between Rugby and Coventry somewhere, and the Canal goes pretty much the whole way there, so it's a scenic route. Tunnel near my house... Canal stuff. Vile (but...