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  1. Dave

    Derailment on Crazy Train at Gulliver's Warrington

    What appears to be a derailment on the Crazy Train roller coaster at Gulliver's Warrington happened today. One of the carriages appears to have lost both it's bogeys on one side leaving it at a steep angle off the track. Quite a serious incident, no one was hurt thankfully! Full Story...
  2. Dave

    New Owners for Greenwood Forest

    The North Wales theme park Greenwood Forest has been purchased by the Continuum Group; Hopefully they should be able to carry on what makes the park unique! Did hear of the purchase about 2 weeks ago!
  3. Dave

    Launch LSM/LIM Sounds

    Watching videos on the CF Youtube, watched Anubis and Taron and noticed they had different sounds when launching, despite both being rolling launches. Question is what makes that sound on LIM/LSM launches? As I know with rides like Stealth, old Schwarzkopf's it's the sound of the flywheel and...
  4. Dave

    200th Anniversary of the Roller Coaster

    According to the BBC today the roller coaster is celebrating its 200th anniversary today! Been 200 years since the roller coaster debut in Pairs with the centrifugal railways The Les Montagnes Russes à Belleville (The Russian Mountains of Belleville) and the Promenades Aeriennes in Parc Beaujon...
  5. Dave

    Japan's New Water Coaster (Literally)

    Browsing Twitter and this appears on Attractions Magazine; The city of Beppu put a viral video out that if they reached 1 million views they will seriously look into a theme park where the rides have hot springs in the seating area! Here is the video;
  6. Dave

    Big Thunder Mountain & Medicinal Properties

    Oddest story I'll read all day I think...but in Attraction Magazine there has been a study into Kidney Stones which has found that riding Big Thunder Mountain in Disneyland has helped people with kidney stones to pass them while riding! ... um=twitter...
  7. Dave

    Theme Park Non-Stories

    Just thought while Smiler and Tsunami crash are fresh in peoples minds non stories like today's Thorpe Park news story will keep cropping up like the Paultons Park one the other week. Maybe just put them all in one topic to gawk at. This is a story of lady who stuck her leg out on Colossus lift...
  8. Dave

    NY Daily News Article- Rollercoasters are dangerous!

    Little bit of a sensational news article! Right in time for the summer season and also nearly 1 year since The Smiler accident too, but this takes on the stories of that theme parks are dangerous! They surmise that theme parks are hiding the dangerous risks that people are subjected to on the...
  9. Dave

    X- VR Headsets

    With VR headsets slowly becoming the 'next big thing' on roller coasters would X at Thorpe Park benefit from this technology? As it could make theme of 'machines taking over' theme work to it's favour with the VR headsets? Unless that theme is changed, i.e. Galatica with Air. (unsure if this...
  10. Dave

    What sort of tat do you buy?

    At a theme park what sort of tat or souvenirs do you buy at a theme park or attractions? I usually buy quirky tat or guide books. What do you guys buy at theme park gift shops?
  11. Dave

    The Emirates Air Line and the Cutty Sark

    I was heading to Peterborough for the weekend for my old Uni housemates birthday and while going through London I thought I'd stop and do a museum trip while I was there. The day before I was going I found out the Emirates Air Line had opened in London. For those of you who have no heard of this...
  12. Dave

    Brighton's i360 Tower Approved

    Not sure if there was even a topic for this? But the press release for Brighton's i360 was released yesterday; Looking forward to following it's progress! Edit- Jason Kitcat? Ha!
  13. Dave

    BBC Article about Asia's Theme Park expansion

    A small business article on the BBC website that has a look at the rapid expansion of theme parks in the Asia, title said it all really...
  14. Dave

    Chinese Roller Coaster gets stuck on loop!

    Just spotted this on BBC Video website, it's of a roller coaster in China that stalled on the loop with a man and his son on board. It was eventually pulled down via ropes.
  15. Dave

    Graviton Fail

    Stumbled upon this on Failblog, a bloke trying to walk around a graviton style ride with unfortunate circumstances! ... ver-fails/ Wasn't sure where to post this...
  16. Dave

    £1m or £1bn

    So if you had a choice, would you rather be given £1m or £1bn. (American's just change to your own currency, simple idea) I'd personally have £1m, then I wouldn't have more money than sense, have an awareness it could easily slip away.
  17. Dave

    English Football Season 2011/12

    So today the fixture lists for the Football League and Premier League are out! Carling Cup 1st round was drawn yesterday, now only 6/7 weeks until it's underway! Portsmouth start off at Middlesborough this year and then entertain Barnet at home in the Carling Cup.
  18. Dave

    Walk around an Exhibition

    So we have topics for reading/music/film/theatre and today I went to an exhibition, then I thought we didn't have a topic for this! It be good for anyone in London or other cities to inform of anything interesting on. Today I went to the Museum of London to see the London Street Photography...
  19. Dave

    Clarence Pier new ride

    It's not going to excite many I think. But I was working today and popped up to the view deck cafe and saw a new structure over at Clarence Pier, looked like a Wild Mouse shape structure, but was hard to see in bad visibility. May pop down there tomorrow and have a nose. So some meh photos on...
  20. Dave

    Muse @ Wembley Stadium

    Yesterday I went to Wembley Stadium to see Muse in concert, this is the 6th time I've seen the band over 6 years. Second time at Wembley Stadium as well. Obligatory Wembley shot. Left Portsmouth just after half 2 and arrived sometime after 4, getting around was easy and was inside the...