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    Aarhus In The Middle of Our Street - Denmark 2019!

    It has been a long time since I have written a trip report so I am moderately exciting to writing this! @Rachel and I had been talking about doing a little trip this year and settled on Denmark. Four new parks for both of us! After a filth o clock start from Cambridge I had the short journey...

    Rogue One: Copenhagen with just the one honey

    I booked a last minute trip to Copenhagen for three days with one of my honeys! We both enjoyed the city and saw most of the sights! On our first night Rebecca and I went for drinks in Tivoli and had a walk around, it is a beautiful place! We did both the parks, I hope you were all following...

    Fun Junction Taken Over by Fun Spot

    Fun Junction USA, South Atlanta, has been taken over by Fun Spot. The park looks rather like Fun Spot from the website. I quite like Fun Spot. It will be interesting to see what is done with Fun Junction...

    Parks that have disappointed

    Which parks have left you feeling disappointed or underwhelmed? For me, the main park I found disappointing is Efteling. Ever since becoming an enthusiast it has been a park that most people rave about being some magical fairy wonderland, with some amazing fairytale forest. Do not get me...

    Cologne/ Phantasialand April 2017

    I have promised my honeys for ages that I would take them to a theme park. I was desperate to get back to my favourite park so with cheap flights on offer, I decided it was time to re-ride Taron! We left a hideous o'clock for Stansted where we faced a disgusting queue for security and my...

    Crazy Mouse for Dreamland

    Dreamland Margate are opening a Crazy Mouse on 28/4/17. It is rumoured to be the one owned by Darren Mathews that operated at the park in 2015. Seems like a decent addition to the park. I will have to have a third attempt at getting the Scenic cred this year!

    First Time At Europa - April 2016

    Last week I visited Europa Park, with my good friend Ami. We set off at stupid O'clock and headed to Stanstead airport. After a decent weatherpoons breakfast, we arrived in Basel, Switzerland! From Basel we took a bus, then a tram, then a train and then another train to reach this bus: All...

    Earful Tower to be removed from Disney's Hollywood Studios

    It is has just been announced on twitter that The Earful Tower will be removed for the construction of Toy Story land. Link: ... e-removed/ Perhaps the tower will be moved to a different location? Edit, link to Orlando Sentinel article...

    Southport after Blackpool

    After the Blackpool Live some of us visited Southport. On the drive to Southport we passed the football stadium: Some boats in Preston: And some fish on a stick: We then got a card loaded up with tokens and tackled the creds. First up Crazy Mouse: Standard spinning wild mouse, this...

    Liseberg - May 2015

    Last week I visited Gothenburg with a friend. I went to Liseberg twice. Once on a Friday morning and then on the Saturday evening. The longest queue was only half an hour. I'll go through this report ride by ride. I didn't take many photos Helix The coaster I wanted to ride the most...

    The North Pole Comes to Cambridge!

    The North Pole had arrived in the centre of Cambridge and it had a cred! So I went along to check it out. I left my house on a rainy morning and headed into town. On the way I spotted some local wildlife: I then reached the North Pole: And headed straight for the cred: What a first...

    Spain 2014!

    On Friday night, Darren picked me up and we heading to Richard's to stay the night. After around two hours sleep, we left for Southend airport! After we parked the car and Billy Connolly had driven us to the airport! It was time to meet up with Jordan, Connor, NSH Jordan, Serena, Sue and Mike...

    Which is the correct way to eat Pringles?

    Which is the correct way to eat them? A: B: Clearly, A is the correct way. What do you think?

    Old Town - Florida - Renovation

    According to Orlando Sentinel due to financial reasons, Old Town is removing its rides including Windstorm a Zamperla Windstorm and a Wacky Worm. RCDB is listing them as removed. I recently got the creds back in August. Here is the article: ...

    Hammering up to 150! (Featuring Florida 14)

    I was approaching 150 creds so here is the story of getting there. Or not getting there as at the time of writing I'm on 143. Florida 14: At 4:30 Jordan arrived in the taxi to the airport. We got to the Gatwick, checked in and went to find breakfast. I was annoyed by this: but enjoyed...

    Poser gets free fast track then a ban letter!

    Saw this article and it made me laugh. Basically the guy pretends to be disabled so he can get a disabled pass. He gets it and then afterwards gets banned for all Merlin...

    Filmpark Bablesberg

    Last year I went on a college trip to Berlin. On the second day we went to small movie park called Filmpark Bablesberg. Sadly it does not have a cred but has a couple and I mean a couple of rides! So if a mod is reading this and thinks that it suits life outside better feel free to move it. :)...

    Quaffle Creds

    I woke up early on Saturday awaiting Jordan to arrive as I ate my breakfast, he arrived and we both watched my neighbour put grass in a skip. Then Sue and Mike arrived and we all cruised in the Saab towards Cleethorpes with fab cheese playing! First stop: MouseAT had already been there for...

    FA Trophy Final 2014

    Cambridge reached the FA Trophy final! Which if you don't know is like the League Cup for Non League teams. This was to be our third time at New Wembley after two unsuccessful playoff finals in 2008 and 2009. In 1991 we won at the Old Wembley. My day started at 10 when I picked up Jordanovichy...

    Opening weekend at Thorpe

    I'm not going to go into that would detail on rides because you all know all about them! My family and I left Cambridge at 8 and arrived at around 9:40. The entrance! Sarah and I rode Colossus first, was a good ride. Then moved onto Saw which was awful as usual. We walked past Mr Monkey's...