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  1. UP87

    Glenwood Caverns Incident

    I see the shoulder restraint upgrade coming to Tower of Terror... 🙈 The article is utter BS and scaremongering. But I'm afraid that waiver that somewhat suggests there is a real danger might not be in their favor in the end. I feel like it should not be okay to sign away something like "I...
  2. UP87

    Chengdu Wanda City | All Speeds | Taron Clone | 2021

    Will it keep the rolling launch? I feel like this just removes something from the ride... But it's less stress on the hardware for sure...
  3. UP87

    Chengdu Wanda City | All Speeds | Taron Clone | 2021

    Where's the meta thread on build topics? We can tick the check box for looks slow on the POV!
  4. UP87

    Too tall to ride?

    Ah... remember that you're not allowed to put your arms outside of the vehicle according to basically all coaster regulations I can think of. Look at the signs. If you hit something with your arms up it's more or less your own fault. As legs on a Wing Coaster or an inverter can't be moved it...
  5. UP87

    Woman injured after metal object strikes her from Top Thrill Dragster train.

    Safety is the best thing to cut corners on... :oops: But in the end it's quite likely that the maintenance crew got better job offers while parks were closed than security or ride ops that don't need any higher qualification. So it's quite possible that there's the biggest lack of skilled...
  6. UP87

    Woman injured after metal object strikes her from Top Thrill Dragster train.

    Am I the only one who always thinks it's kind of weird that the Department of Agriculture is responsible for this in any way when theme park accidents in the US happen. I noticed this before with Son of Beast. Is this only Ohio or other states, as well?
  7. UP87

    Manufacturers' 'Breakthrough' Coaster

    Wasn't X pretty much the definition of rough-round-the-edges? It was delayed due to major design flaws and had to be closed only half a year after opening to fix some more flaws like the seat rotation not being smooth. What is being praised today is the S&S rework with new trains. *Never been...
  8. UP87

    Europa Park | Mack Rides BigDipper | 2023

    In fact the number of block sections and number of cars doesn't matter at all. That's only highly dependent on the track length. The number of riders are only determined by the dispatch times and size of the ride vehicle.
  9. UP87

    Europa Park | Mack Rides BigDipper | 2023

    Not even required. You could load 2 trains and dispatch those at the same time. But one waits in a block directly after the station / before the ride really begins. Like it is done with Poseidon or Matterhorn Blitz.
  10. UP87

    New rides @ small parks

    Really nice log flume. There are obviously some spots where some walls and theming would help with the immersion but that might be something that'll happen in the future. I think some fountains would help in the first part. That feels a bit slow. But in general it looks really good!
  11. UP87

    Glenwood Caverns | Defiance | Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter | 2022

    I'm pretty sure Gerstlauer's Kiddy Racer is smaller than that. It's higher and a lot more interesting, as well.
  12. UP87

    Mandoria | Merkant | Gerstlauer Bob Coaster | 2021

    THIS! The video was the most annoying coaster video I ever watched. Constantly interrupted any flow and showed the same element for about 30 seconds each from 3 different perspectives. If you do an onride video: DO AN UNINTERRUPTED POV. If you do an offride video: DON'T REPEAT THE SAME ELEMENT...
  13. UP87

    Belgian and Dutch parks floodings

    If it's too wet the drive tire lift can't handle the weight of the full train and the train would slip backwards. Not by the rain itself but by small streams becoming full blown rivers and breaking dams. Still... just luck for the park and bad luck for too many people.
  14. UP87

    Fuji-Q Announces Major New Coaster for 2022!

    @CrashCoaster I don't know. Didn't ride either of the two coaster types. But I think I'd consider the Maurer Spike more interesting (even though I'd not count it as a coaster) Both types don't seem to have the biggest capacity or are a coaster I'd consider an awesome addition for a park with...
  15. UP87

    Fuji-Q Announces Major New Coaster for 2022!

    Alternatively it could be one of these: (not a lot better - if at all)
  16. UP87

    Fuji-Q Announces Major New Coaster for 2022!

    Not at all! I'm pretty sure that was a joke hinting at the rather bad operations Fuji-Q is kind of known for.
  17. UP87

    Energylandia | Abyssus | Vekoma Shockwave+ | 2021

    Oh true... didn't notice or remember that. There's a corkscrew and another banked turn on the Shockwave where the final break run of the Shockwave+ is.
  18. UP87

    Energylandia | Abyssus | Vekoma Shockwave+ | 2021

    It's an unusual layout because Vekoma just added a second launch to the Shockwave layout in the cheapest possible way and named it Shockwave+. Just some little hops and curves close to the ground (not saying that can't be fun)
  19. UP87

    Energylandia | Abyssus | Vekoma Shockwave+ | 2021

    Softopening is happening. You can find a ton of photos. It looks... mediocre... A lot of fences where other solutions might be possible, rock themed walls and a lot of sealed ground. And a tiny little bit of green. A user of SkyScrapercity has posted a Google Photos album where added quite a...
  20. UP87

    Busch Gardens Tampa | Iron Gwazi | RMC Gwazi | 2022

    The trains would be the part I'd have the least concerns about in a hurricane. Once a storm comes up they should be able to put in a shed. Usually coasters are not running with higher wind speeds. Except... maybe we're all wrong and "hurricane test" is an insider term we just don't know.