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    Tree Topper at Upper Clements Park in NS, Canada to be removed

    As if we needed more sad news and another classic wooden coaster gone :( A couple days ago, Upper Clements announced that they will not open for the 2020 season and the park (including a PTC woodie) will be bulldozed to build a private school. The park had lost attendance in recent years and...
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    Rank the mini Gravity Groups

    Gravity Group has shown over the past decade that they can do a lot with a little. Today I rode, my fourth of the mini Gravity Group wooden coasters, and I rank them as follows. 1) Roar-o-saurus 2) Wooden Warrior 3) Twister 4) Kentucky Flyer I think all are fantastic, but Roar-o-saurus is on...
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    Roller Coaster Ranking System

    Hi everyone! I am currently working on research to determine a list of the best roller coasters on Earth. To do so I have developed a new polling system. I have devised a list of potentially world class rides below. From that list you select the ones that you have ridden and rank them in order...
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    Mack Megacoaster vs Intamin Blitz

    These are two of the best styles of rides on Earth. Mack Megacoasters are highlighted by Helix, Blue Fire clones, as well as others in the works. Intamin has bragging rights to Maverick, Taron, and iSpeed/Red Fire as some of the best blitz coasters... But overall which model is better?
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    Helix or Maverick

    These are the two top coasters on my bucket list. I love how diverse both are. Both high intensity and good airtime. Which is better?