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  1. A-Kid

    Over-enthusiastic ride ops - Like, Dislike or Meh?

    It will always depend on the ride type. I do this on things like Teacups or Flying Fish which will focus more on interaction as they never have a long queue and you can still keep it efficient. It works on the smaller rides, but it can go 2 ways obviously. You get a dead run with no response or...
  2. A-Kid

    Heide Park | Flug Der Dämonen | B&M Wing Coaster

    Re: Heide Park | Unknown | B&M Wing Coaster That aggravates me. No experience with thru-puts. Most of my team and I try our **** hardest to get the trains out. Most of the time we do. I am one that gets excited by thru-puts working out many ways to improve them. Its all down to the...
  3. A-Kid

    Heide Park | Flug Der Dämonen | B&M Wing Coaster

    Re: Heide Park | Unknown | B&M Wing Coaster As someone with experience of realistic thru-puts, and knowing what Swarm effectively gets with a few more seats, I'd have to say I don't think this would average beyond the 900 - 1000pph range. The average gain is typically a hundred or so lower than...
  4. A-Kid

    Guilty Pleasure Coasters

    Arrow Suspended Coasters. Fairly tame coasters, a little jerky around the edges, but such fun. Love Ninja (Hey ya!), Iron Dragon... I suppose you could still include Vampire. I'm sure I'd like whatever other ones are still left...
  5. A-Kid

    The Smiler - your thoughts?

    After 5 rides on the thing, I was pleasantly surprised. Its a very fun ride, however your experience will differ depending on where you sit, drastically. Sometimes the track kind of feels like fingers down a chalk board rather than running on glass. Glad to say though, it has none of that...
  6. A-Kid

    B&M Inverts, Best to Worst

    Nemesis - For the Flatspin-Helix-0G section. The shear visual intensity aswell. Love it. Batman - It's way more forceful than Nemesis, but I just find Nemesis more interesting in terms of layout. Inferno - It for the most part is just fun. It can be a bit bland and boring, but at its best it...
  7. A-Kid

    Coasters only you seem to love

    I found Ghostrider pretty awesome... I was laughing all the way around. I couldn't believe it when I got to the brakes, that I actually liked it. I don't know where all these insanely rough stories come from. It was smooth as in the straights, just the corners batter you a bit just like a woodie...
  8. A-Kid

    Best B&M Floorless Coaster

    I only have Scream. I did it in the front and tbh I didn't think much of it. I mean its a good ride, a good ride in the way Inferno is a good ride. Just not mind blowing or anything. Even on the front, the floorless gimmick didn't really add to it. Its pretty cool going up the lift with it, but...
  9. A-Kid

    Most famous rollercoaster?

    I think possibly for the UK it will involve Florida parks or Disneyland Paris. Most people can name their rides as its a very (if not the most) common holiday/break destination for average people. Generally everybody is aware of Thorpe/Alton/Blackpool/Chessie, but I'm always suprised at the...
  10. A-Kid

    Favorite Mine Train

    Well Big Thunder at Paris or Cali. The Paris one is the better ride with a nice climatic ending (the Cali one lacks), but the theme elements on the Cali one (like the goat on the second lift) were awesome. They are pesonally one of the best rides to combine fun, thrills and thematic interaction...
  11. A-Kid

    Have you ever puked (or was close to) on a Rollercoaster?

    Re: Have you ever puked (or was close to) on a Rollercoaster I've never chundered on a ride so far. I came close in Maverick's line in June, but that was due to sunstroke. Thats the curse of being ginger-blonde/fair skined. Burn with even a hint of sun... I have watched plenty of people...
  12. A-Kid

    Harlem Shake

    When I first saw the topic I didn't know what the hell it was. So I checked that. Then I saw the song at the top of iTunes and thought "well this is crap". Then I saw it and didn't think much of it. Not even remotely funny. Goats however! Though, I much prefer the goats when they are edited...
  13. A-Kid

    Rides you rode in the opening season?

    Well since I last did this on the first page in 2008 I can add... England - Storm, Swarm, 13, Kobra/Wild Asia, Saw (first public car brag rights hehe :) ). Probally something else... Smiler will be done when its ready. States - Seaworld SD's Manta, Grand opening of Cars Land/Buena Vista...
  14. A-Kid

    Have you ever poo'd in a theme park?

    I don't really keep a log of it ;) Loggers has to leap some time though! I know I have shat at Cedar Point near MilF. I know I shat in New Orleans in Disney. I work at Thorpe, so in season I'd probally **** alot there too quite regularly. I was walking past Zodiac once and the nearby...
  15. A-Kid

    Cedar Point | "GateKeeper" | B&M Wingrider

    Here are some close ups.
  16. A-Kid

    Splash Mountain referb

    I'm glad they spend the time to get it up to scratch. If this one is as good as the one in Cali is then I know I would love it. I get that its ment to fit Frontierland, but when I see this one though, I always think the grass should be thicker/slightly less dead looking near the top-left. It...
  17. A-Kid

    The Grammy's

    ^ Yep they did :) (Skrillex) You can view the Pre-Show (Or the rest of it) here:
  18. A-Kid

    Alton Towers | The Smiler | Gerstlauer Infinity

    Re: Alton Towers | The Smiler | Unknown Gerstlauer World's 1 Batman, Six Flags Great America 1992 Flight Deck/Top Gun, California's Great America 1993 Batman, Six Flags Great Adventure 1993 Nemesis is 4th. Lol. I'm amused by this :)
  19. A-Kid

    Best CCI?

    I have these two. Megafobia - Bucket-loads of fun. Love it. I can ride this all day, happily. Ghostrider - Tbh, again I thought this was actually smooth unlike most, but aggressive in the turns. It feels like a bigger Fobia. Quite a suprise as I was expecting basically Mean Streak... but no...
  20. A-Kid

    Roller Coaster TV Programs and News Articles!

    Just came over this and thought it was quite good.