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  1. Homer

    Tier of US Parks list

    Alright CF, here's my tier of US parks list. If your park isn't listed, too bad I was lazy to find a logo. Discuss.
  2. Homer

    The Blue Flash can be yours! The infamous homemade coaster is sadly now on sale on Craigslist. All you need is a few acres of space, a flatbed truck, and no money.
  3. Homer

    Cedar Fair wants US to rename something.

    Granted its a kiddie coaster... Joining in a trend of stuff being renamed, Little Laser or whatever needs a new name since Laser was removed. CF, realizing fans have more creativity, want us to rename it. My suggestions; Flight Deck VooDooToo: Electric Buggaloo Mikehawk Freestyle...
  4. Homer


    SUP BITCHES, TEEN HEARTTHROB EDWARD HERE. So the other night I was sitting at Applebee's and I was pissed that I couldn't drink goats blood with my 2 for 20 dinner there with my bitch. And I realized a good topic idea to post on a polls forum at a place called CoasterForce. So I wonder...
  5. Homer

    Cedar Fair wants to Trim the Fat

    Cedar Fair looking to sell excess land around CW and GL; and sell CGA, Valleyfair!, and WOF No big surprises here. Although I can not see the parks being gobbled up so soon after the real estate collapse. Looks like another sign of the times.
  6. Homer

    F*** My Life (NWS, some stories could be graphic, don't say I didn't warn you) Laugh and post the best of misfortunes in other peoples lives.
  7. Homer

    The YouTube/Vine Thread [Post all vids in here!]

    I haven't been posting here a lot lately. However, I guess I didn't get the memo when Anything Goes became "Post YouTube videos here!" So, in this topic, post links/respond to your favorite random YouTube videos here. I'll start off with the best in Turkish cinema, the final scene of Turkish...