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    What would you like to happen to your body after you die?

    Sorry to be morbid, but what do you wish to happen to your lump of flesh, blood and bones after your soul has drained from it?
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    Steepest roller coaster drop in the world?

    I know that Takabisha at Fuji Q is, with a drop of 121 degrees, credited as being the world's steepest roller coaster, but why isn't Garaland's 'Sequoquia Adventure' the holder of this record, seeing as it has a drop of 180 degrees? Takabisha: Sequoquia Adventure:
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    Answer With a Question

    In this game, you must answer the question above with another question. For example: User 1: Do you like cheesecake? User 2: Have you ever eaten a vegan cheesecake? User 3: Is it still a cheesecake if it has no cheese? etc. So, to kick you off: Would you sacrafice yourself for your best friend?
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    Post Every Letter of the Alphabet Before a Moderator Posts

    The idea in this game, is that one person posts one letter of the alphabet, and then it continues until 'Z' is reached, when the game restarts. However, if a mod posts before 'Z' is reached, then the members lose and have to restart from 'A' again. Let's start this off: A
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    Which park has the best music?

    THORPE PARK has (or did have, as two of my favourites are disused!) some brilliant theme tunes! Some of my personal favourites include: The (now sadly disused) entrance theme tune: X:\No Way Out's (also sadly disused) theme tune...
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    Under or over?

    Which way do you put your toilet roll? As an OCD 'sufferer', it irritates me when toilet paper is over, it looks really messy and disorganised! :@ Plus, it's easier to pull a sheet of toilet paper off when it's under, when it's over, you end up pulling the whole roll off of the holder! So for...
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    Best place for theme park enthusiasts?

    I'd personally go for Orlando. Walt Disney World, SeaWorld, Universal, IoA, Busch Gardens TB and loads of waterparks about. Other likely options would probably be Sandusky (Cedar Point), California (Six Flags DG and MM, KBF, Universal + more) or in the next few years, Dubai (Dubailand, Busch...
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    New Logo for Seal Sanctuaries

    The Seal Sanctuaries in Gweek and Oban have recieved new logos for 2012. I think it looks great - a modern and more professional looking logo.
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    What kind of accent do you speak with?

    Unfortunately, there are nowhere near as many different accents as there were just a few decades ago. The invention of television and the internet are partly to blame, and accents are becoming far more generalised. In the early 20th century, not only did each county have a recognisable accents...
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    Thorpe Park 2012 Updates

    New updates for 2012 so far include: - The Swarm - No Canada Creek Railway - No Time Voyagers - 'Battered Fish & Chips' rename of Amity Fish & Chips - 'Roast and Relish' food outlet next to Flying Fish - 'Wild Wings Noodle Bar' rename of Noodle Bar - 'Clothes Cabin' replacing Kit Kat...
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    London Attractions

    No specific topic for London attractions - so here is one. :--D Visited today for the first time in 2012, and noticed some changes for the new year. London Eye - New Samsung touchpads of which there are four in each capsule, giving information about landmarks visible from the wheel. Madame...
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    Which country produces the best food?

    Personally, I believe the best food comes from China! How about you?
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    What sort of settlement do you live in?

    I live in Maidstone, which is a town in England. Just wondered what sort of area most people here lived in.
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    Best Overall Year

    Theme park-wise, which year, in your opinion, was the best? In terms of ride openings, theme park openings, events, and anything else that you think is relevant.
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    Mystery Sign/Plaque at Thorpe Park (Google Street View)

    Well, I was browsing Google Street View when I came across this sign or plaque near Rumba Rapids at Thorpe Park. I've never noticed it before, neither in real life or on Street View. A close up of the sign Now, the only words I can pick out from this photograph are "its completion" at the...
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    "I remember when..."

    Just a topic to share things that most people of your generation will remember. I remember when Tidal Wave's gas cylinder was relatively silver.
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    Storm Damage at Theme Parks?

    I'm not sure if anybody here would know, but this has been on my mind for the past few days. Last week in the British Isles, we experienced some dreadful storms. Here in Kent there were trees down all over the place. There are three major Merlin theme parks not too far away and I was just...
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    Question the Answer!

    In this game, you are given a word, for which you must think of a question for. For example: Poster 1: 2 Poster 2: What is 1 + 1? I'll start you off. Doorknob
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    Have you ever?

    (Similar to CoasterFight, but non-coastery! :P) This game is simple, just ask the next poster if they've ever done something that you've done. I'll start. Have you ever pulled more than one all-nighter in a row?
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    Public Sector Strike November 2011

    Today, millions of greedy bastards public sector workers went on strike across the UK. Instead of actually caring about the chaos they were causing, they spilled into the streets waving placards and smashing shop windows. In London, workers were even burgling buildings and throwing flares at...