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  1. VonRolland

    Runaway Timber Train Accident @ Landmark Forest Adventure Park

    Seem's that at around 11.40am today the Runaway Timber Train at Landmark Forest Adventure Park has somewhat derailed mid course, looks like the last 2 cars? At present no injures reported and emergancy crew's supposedly left at 12.14pm Has this happened to an IE Park of this model before...
  2. VonRolland

    Wiegand Summer Toboggan. Cred or no Cred?

    I've tried finding if this topic was discussed prior & nothing really fitted it completely so here we go Wiegand Summer Toboggan runs do you consider this a cred or not & why? Certainly interested to hear people's thoughts below especially @nadroJ Well personally I do, Why? Well to start it's...
  3. VonRolland

    New Mack Prototype

    So Mack Rides have just posted this on Facebook captioned with ' We are testing - stay tuned for a new prototype video next week! What attraction would you like to have equipped with a spinning feature?' Wonder what it'll be...
  4. VonRolland

    Mack Powered Coasters... What does '1975 LGB' mean if anything?

    So I noticed earlier this year that most of the Powered coasters on the loco have '19 LGB 75' as seen with the link below; Anyone know what it mean's or signifies? Best we could come up with is EP opened in '75 & Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual help!
  5. VonRolland

    Source of GCI Wood

    Anyone know what specific wood GCI use?