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    Rank the Alton Coasters

    I thought, seeing as there's threads like this for other parks, I'd create one for everyone's favourite Merlin park. Obviously Nemesis will probs be at the top of most, but I've always wondered how people would rank the rest. Plus for once my experience actually allows me to partake in this lol...
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    New woodie for the UK!

    Doesn't look like a particularly good one mind, plus it's opening in 2020 apparently: Sorry if there's already a topic for this, had a quick look and couldn't see one.
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    Accident on Splash Canyon

    Drayton have said on their Facebook page that there's been an incident on Splash Canyon. Emergency services have been called and the ride in obviously closed. Sorry I don't know how to link it on my phone.
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    Twinlakes | unknown | Spinning coaster

    Probably the biggest new thing the UK's getting this year: Wild Mouse or one of those little SBF things?
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    Alton Towers - Sub Species: Operation Lockdown Scarefest

    Alton Towers have put up a thing on their Facebook page, which says: "The Phalanx...A government organisation tasked with protecting the world from unknown threats, linked with Alton Towers Resort forever in 1994 with their highest profile case ever - to control and contain the Nemesis...
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    World's tallest slide for ArcelorMittal Orbit

    I don't think it's been posted here, nor do I know if it will actually happen, but it's certainly sounds interesting:
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    Colossus repaint?

    A member of TT has noticed that grey paint has been applied to a section of track:
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    Gulliver's Warrington to receive Codona's Crazy Train

    Just been added to RCDB: Didn't really think it needed its own construction topic, as it's a minor coaster being relocated within the UK, but I'm sure if needed, somebody could move it. :)
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    Is the Blade finally dead?

    Towers Times have noted that the Blade has been removed from the 2015 Park Map, even though it open at Feb half term and it is thought to still be on site. Is this finally the end, for the Blade?
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    Crealy Devon | Twister Rollercoaster | SBF spinning coaster 2 SBF coasters, 2 years in a row? Aren't we lucky! :wink:
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    Energylandia | unknown | Vekoma 'new generation' coaster

    Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but this has appeared on RCDB: Sounds interesting, but the track length seems a little bit short.
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    Parque Nacional del Cafe | Krater | Gerstlauer Eurofighter?

    Sounds like a Eurofighter:
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    Longest queue line?

    Not as in queue time, but queue length. What is the longest queue line for any ride that you can think of? I vote Smiler.....
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    Jubilee Odyssey operating reliability.

    So, I'm possibly going to Skegness tomorrow and we thought we'd take a trip to Fantasy Island. I've heard about Jubilee Odyssey being closed quite often sometimes, so I was wondering, should it be open at the start of August? Also, can you pay per ride, or do you need to buy a wristband? Any...
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    US Singapore | Puss In Boots Giant Journey | Zamperla Invert

    I've just discovered this on RCDB: I don't believe they've ever done an inverted coaster before.....
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    Single Rider

    I've just had my first.....and possibly last single rider experience on The Smiler today. So, if you join the single rider queue, it is usually considerably shorter, right? 1) If I'd joined the normal queue I would have gotten on quicker. I had to be at the Towers at 4 and although I was only 2...
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    Most American-style UK coaster?

    The UK is notable for its lack of high, wooden or non-themed coasters. Basically, the complete opposite of many stereotypical 'American-style' coasters. So, how many British coasters fit into this category? The Big One and The Swarm both fit into it (in my opinion). How many more are there? :)
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    2015 Thorpe Park coaster

    So, Thorpe are supposed to be receiving a coaster in 2015. I was just wondering why nothing's really been announced yet. SW6 was announced in 2008, opened 2 years later and both LC12 (opened 2 years later) and SW7 (opened 3 years later) were first announced in 2010. So why has nothing happened...
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    Alcohol themed-park in China?

    RCDB has recently added this amusing-sounding park, due to open later this year:
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    Crealy Devon | Shark Trip | SBF Visa Group family coaster

    Just spotted this on RCDB: