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  1. EndlessWire

    Track walks

    I was having a chat with a GP friend of mine who holds the "but it looks so dangerous!" opinion, and had an odd moment of brain fade. I've always thought that coaster tracks were walked and checked daily, but he pointed out that it's surely impossible to do that safely every day, especially when...
  2. EndlessWire

    Encore - Blackpool Pleasure Beach, 24/10/18

    I've always thought that, when seeing a live gig, the final song each night has to be significant. I've always loved The Who, and typically they close with Won't Get Fooled Again - one of the greatest rock songs ever written; most times I've seen Muse, they've closed with a thunderous Knights of...
  3. EndlessWire

    Sumer Is I-Cumen In - Alton Towers, 14/09/18

    As I've sounded off about in the WTF Merlin thread, Alton is a right pain to visit for a solo rider who doesn't drive. Incomprehensible/non-existent off peak buses, no single rider queues, stupid 10-4 opening times and incorrect info on the website all adds up to a veritable ballache to sort...
  4. EndlessWire

    Best family ride hardware

    I was thinking today that certain family ride models seem really well suited to parks wanting to make lower-cost but unique attractions. Mack Splash Battles, for example, seem like a cost effective way to have a solid/reasonable ride experience but also give room for distinctive theming and...
  5. EndlessWire

    Interrail Trip - Tivoli Gardens, Europa Park, PortAventura

    Brace yourselves for a long post...also, apologies for the hazy quality of the photos - my phone camera is abysmal. This month, after saving for almost two years, I went out on my second big Interrail trip. For those of you who don't know, an Interrail ticket is basically a reasonably priced...