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    What other hobbies do you have?

    @Nicky Borrill thanks for your suggestions, will review and get to the bottom of it…. Eventually 😩
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    What other hobbies do you have?

    No, it's a Gigabyte 3090 vision. There were issues with a few Gigabyte cards at launch in relation to how certain connections were welded, but I don't think that affected the Vision cards, from what I can tell. I have an 850 watt PSU so I don't think it's that either - the power draw even when...
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    What other hobbies do you have?

    Meh, I’d suggest pre-built all the way. I’ve had nothing but issues with my ‘build your own’ - going to have RMA my 30 series card since it had a habit of dying when stressed for 5 minutes…. @Nicky Borrill Unless you’re actually making using of the multi-cores, which lets face it unless it’s...
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    Ride Related Dreams You've Had

    Before I had actually been on the ride, my childhood-self had many reoccurring dreams at besting Nemesis. The most memorable was a version of Nemesis where either the ride kept breaking, or it simply deliberately ended, to the effect that the train kept flying off the track. It was then the...
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    Apple or Android?

    I find Apple phones to be a supremely pleasing experience, so much so that I’ve never had a desire to move away from them since the iPhone 4 (which is hilariously small compared to modern smart-phones). I tend to buy outright and then replace in 3-5 years when there is a notable technology...
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    As the predicted queue line ever been wrong and it's taken longer than the expected time ?

    I’m pretty sure that the Merin parks in the UK have been overstating ride times quite dramatically for the past year or so. Chessington seems to be a particular offender for this.
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    Eurodemption #2 - Part 10: Azur Fréjus Antibes

    I always really enjoy reading your reports @HeartlineCoaster - you travel to places more off the beaten path than most (places which I’m unlikely to ever visit) which means it’s always a ‘fresh’ take and an intriguing, fun read. Thanks!
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    A Gerstlauer Infinity to be opened at one of the following Cedar Fair parks

    I also heard some dogs mentioning this in the park yesterday. I was at a distance so I can’t be sure, but from what I gather the name has been shortened to just “Bark”.
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    What are your thoughts on going backwards on coasters?

    Strong dislike whenever it involves any 'turning'. Straight line back-and-forth is OK but sub-optimal compared to the infinitely more fun 'just go forwards with turns'. I particularly dislike junior boomerangs - they feel like 1/2 of a full ride as (to me) the backwards section is redundant.
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    Rank the Alton Towers coasters

    I went on Wicker Man earlier in the year and I previously posted that I had ejector on it: Granted, perhaps it wasn’t enough to classify itself as true ‘ejector’. I’m certainly not a full coaster globe-trotter (quite yet) although I have experienced far stronger airtime on, say, Expedition...
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    Most Painful Rollercoasters & Flat rides

    I’d put all of the woodies at BPB down as ‘amusingly uncomfortable’. They are bad, but, it’s sort of the part of the deal… a crispy old woodie is going to be crispy. The steel coasters are less tolerable. Infusion sucked the Big One and vice versa (…?).
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    Alton towers Scarefest 2021 - some questions

    I would say do the mazes early and just skip Toxic Junkyard. I haven’t done Toxic Junkyard but… it’s an outdoor maze and the least interesting at face value. I will be prioritising the garden walks and night rides… which is possible if you skip Toxic Junkyard. Or just do it when it’s light if...
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    Biblical Coaster Names

    As above, it’s probably not common because it’s prone to cause offence. With the intention of alluding to exactly that, I wrote a very silly post in response to this topic describing the sights of a hypothetical biblical theme park, but even having had good intentions I ultimately decided that...
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    A super rare trip report from Poland – August 2021 {Day 2 - Energylandia}

    You really captured a sense of awe with those photos. Hyperion and Zadra are fantastic and actually shocking sights compared to most European offerings…. Then the rides themselves are even better than how they look. What a fantastic park! The key question though; how did you rank the Polish big...
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    How do you like steak cooked?

    I’m happy to see that people are answering this depending on the cut of steak <3 Generally, the fattier the cut, the ‘more cooked’ it should be. Fillet is relatively lean and therefore a steak that can be generally be enjoyed rarer. Rib-eye is a much juicier and fattier cut and cooking it more...
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    Busch Gardens Tampa | Iron Gwazi | RMC Gwazi | 2022

    They’re more likely to rename it “cry on, waahhhh-zi” if your posts were to have any influence on the matter.
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    Luna Park Sydney | New Area & Park Overhaul | 2021

    Look at his face! I almost feel sorry for that kid. His life has peaked too early. After you’ve woken up in a bed shaped like a car, it can’t be long before you start getting anxiety over a lack of purpose.
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    Woman injured after metal object strikes her from Top Thrill Dragster train.

    @UP87 as I mentioned above, some of the bolts for the metal part were still attached to the train, suggesting to me that a material fractured. The state investigated the ride in May and found no issues. I’m not sure a block break fin (or whatever it is called) is a part that usually would get...
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    Cruise Lines to add Bolt & Space Cruiser roller coasters (update page 3)

    @Rupert 120mph wind, I think is what they meant. That big where the whole room goes black is nightmare fuel. ‘3rd floor’ as well.
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    Cruise Lines to add Bolt & Space Cruiser roller coasters (update page 3)

    I’m curious to go in a cruise one day, but a roller coaster is just about the last thing to draw anyone in surely? In any case cruise ships can be frightening enough: :eek::eek::eek: