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  1. Hyde

    How much do these roller coasters cost?

    In my search for quantifying and categorizing much of the roller coasters I've ridden to answer the fundamental question - what do I specifically like about roller coasters, I added a "cost" category to my massive tracker sheet years ago, now eclipsing $1.5B in coaster value. BUT, this is a...
  2. Hyde

    CoasterForce's Favourite Roller Coasters - 2020 Edition

    Thank you again to all for ranking your top 10 roller coasters! While this has been an insane year from roller coaster perspective, we thought it would still be fun to stack up our top coasters regardless. Per usual, our crack team of analysts, spreadsheet artists, field researchers...
  3. Hyde

    CoasterBot 2020 Poll

    Just spotted - looks like CoasterBot is running a 2020 poll. Interesting, as Ello Coaster recently announced foregoing their annual poll so as to not inadvertently tip polling data due to low travel/park turnout this year. Rest assured, we will also...
  4. Hyde

    The Sims 4: Star Wars Expansion - Journey to Baatu!

    Kinda cool expansion just announced for Sims 4 - a replication of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge from Disney! Even seems to incorporate some of the characters and themes from the section's rides and attractions.
  5. Hyde

    Reopening in Ohio - Cedar Point and Kings Island

    We have the first full week of amusement park operations on the books here in Ohio, and wanted to share my experience as we all get a feel for how Covid-19 adaptation has played out at parks. Specifically, I had the chance to visit Kings Island and Cedar Point in quick succession last week, both...
  6. Hyde


    Anyone a part of the folding community, especially with the influx of Covid-19 research? Dabbled in it years ago, and it has been great getting back into it, especially to lend some compute power to virus research! Current stat count...
  7. Hyde

    The Last Coaster Train out of Orlando - Funspots, Hollywood Studios, and Islands of Adventure - March 13-15

    Preamble The wife and I saddled up for what turned out to be the last days of operation for Orlando parks in the wake of Covid-19. We had planned for this trip weeks before, as I was inbound for work for a few days before the weekend, and wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to visit Star...
  8. Hyde

    OpenRCT Server

    [3/22 NEW MAP WITH CHEATS ONLINE] Hey everyone! As folks are finding themselves more and more at home with Covid response - what better time to start an OpenRCT Server! Quite simply, there is a way to do multiplayer RCT2 using software called OpenRCT. A few CFers have been talking about...
  9. Hyde

    CoasterForce's Favorite Coasters - 2019 Edition

    Thank you again to all for ranking your top 10 roller coasters! Our crack team of analysts, spreadsheet artists, field researchers, algorithmic mathematicians, academic calculators, and quantitative number crunchers (aka @Hixee, @Pokemaniac, and @Hyde) have been hard at work analyzing all...
  10. Hyde

    Six Flags Offers Bid to Purchase Cedar Fair

    Details are scarce, but rumor mill is churning today:
  11. Hyde

    Gatekeeper Rolls Back in High Wind

    Cedar Point just can't get a break with northeast winds. Gatekeeper rolled back last night, similar to as has happened in years past with Raptor's turn-headed-into-MCBR. TTD's top hat also has to head into an eastern breeze, which can result in rollbacks during high winds. Interesting to see...
  12. Hyde

    Cedar Fair Buys Two Schlitterbahn Water Parks, With Option for Future Expansion

    Interesting move by Cedar Fair to expand their water park business - they are buying two Schiltterbahn parks (New Braunfels and Galveston), with an option to buy the Kansas City park for future expansion...
  13. Hyde

    Knott's Berry Farm - Afternoon in the Park

    I had the chance to swing by Knott's at the end of April while I was in town for a week-long conference. I was interested to make it back to Knott's after having not visited the park for 12 years (Sierra Sidewinder's opening season), as not only have there been new additions to the park, but...
  14. Hyde

    Hooters/Six Flags Announce New Partnership, Restaurants Coming to Parks in 2020

    April Fools! ;)
  15. Hyde

    Bowling Green State University Launching Tourism Degree, Partnered with Cedar Fair

    So a cool news story a bit off the beaten path; Bowling Green State University is launching a Tourism Degree, which will be based out of their Fireland's branch campus in Sandusky, Ohio. The new degree will be a Bachelor's in Resort and Attraction Management, and will operate out of a new...
  16. Hyde

    Conversion vs. Conservation

    I applied to join a Facebook group the other day, which had a query for folks to join the group. (Rather draconian too, I might add) This series of questions had me revisit a question we've periodically asked over the last few years: while roller coaster conversions (aka RMC) breath new life...
  17. Hyde

    ElloCoaster - 2019 Wood & Steel Results! {Page 3}

    For those of you missing the good old days of Mitch Hawker Polls - something comparable! ElloCoaster launched a Wooden Coaster Poll last year, which is back again for 2018. You can find all the details here: and the ballot here...
  18. Hyde

    Cold Weather Cable Lift Operation?

    So I was at Cedar Point this weekend, which was very cold, very wet, or very both. To the park’s credit, they worked to keep coasters online, despite literal concern of trains stopping on pre-lifts due to cold wheels (Gemini operators were encouraging guests to cheer trains to make it to the...
  19. Hyde

    Adventure to Michigan's Adventure

    Jessica and I headed up to Grand Haven, MI for Memorial Day weekend as a long weekend and fun celebration of our second wedding anniversary. Most of the weekend was dedicated to camping, hiking, and not getting run over by 35 ft. yachts while kayaking along Lake Michigan. All of it was a...
  20. Hyde

    Lakeside Amusement Park | unknown | Zyklon Galaxi

    Lakeside Amusement Park, a hidden gem in Denver, CO, is receiving a new roller coaster for the first time in nearly 30 years. The yet-to-be-named coaster is a relocated Zyklon Galaxi, which operated last season at Fun Plex in Omaha, NE as Big Ohhh! An interesting add, but definitely befitting...