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  1. Xpress

    Xpress' coaster vault thread

    Have so many little (figuratively speaking) rides I've put together here and there that I figured I'd make my own topic about them. Firstly, something I made today: A Morgan Hypercoaster thing. Sofar 5800+ feet of track and only to the MCBR. Wanted to make something like SD2K but with a bit...
  2. Xpress

    It's the terrorists I tell you... In Toontown? Maybe not terrorism, but are people really that disappointed in their Disneyland experience that they have to set off explosions in "The Happiest Place on Earth"?
  3. Xpress

    Cobalt 2.0

    Diggin through my old files today, I stumbled across one of my old coaster projects I worked on with another enthusiast from the late CoasterSims. Decided impulsively that I needed to make a new track, with more realistic shaping and elements flow. And not to mention forces that won't break...
  4. Xpress

    Knotts Berry Farm | Coast Rider | Mack Wild Mouse

    Just seen this on the KBF Facebook page: Which according to RCDB, is a Mack Wild Mouse. Does not state a relocation, so perhaps a brand spanking new one? My levels of excitement would be higher seeing grass grow. I have $1 that says it's a Technic Coaster clone.
  5. Xpress

    Weasel Release

    After much anticipation, I've finally decided to let it out. Don't have any spare time or will power to work on this thing anymore. It's just a track. And I don't want to hear moaning about how Newton was used ;) Rate it for what it is, there's no theming whatsoever. Specs: Length: 4,720...
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    My Weasel project

    I've been making this since the dawn of time and it's about time I've let CF in on it: Layout Specifications and other useless junk we honestly don't care about: Height: 176ft. Length: 4704ft. Speed: 70mph. Force: +4.8, -1.2 Inversions: 5 Who wants to test or take a peek? I've had...
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    SeaWorld San Diego trip report 6-6-2012

    I'm not going to really make this a lengthy report, was only in the park for about 3 hours. Went with a couple of friends, mainly to get a Manta cred. So to keep it short, we arrived in the afternoon, and thanks to my wonderful friends/SeaWorld San Diego employees, got to park in the employee...
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    Trolling may become illegal in Arizona ... in-arizona Not sure if serious article, or just trolling..
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    Has anyone else noticed this?

    So apparently ALL B&M coasters have a zero-car, it's just that on some models, guests actually ride on it.. An interesting discussion popped up over on NL-E about Alpengeists zero car, and why it has one but no other B&M invert does. One thing lead to another, and eventually someone pointed out...
  10. Xpress

    Gigabyte- A Standard Arrow Double Corkscrew Coaster!!

    Made this loooong ago, time to release. It's basically just a track, so yeah. Rate accordingly pls... Download. And don't forget to rate!! :D Fixed for Error.
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    Lets finish this one, shall we?
  12. Xpress

    Force 1

    Not what you're thinking. This time it's already done. Before you get into the whole "The forces spiked into red on multiple occasions" speech, observe these first: Courtesy of public display on NoLimits-Exchange Basically showing you what you can push your rides to...
  13. Xpress

    Aeronydamic- a project too long overdue...

    Aeronydamic. Some random ride in RCT that i have always wanted to try and make in NL. Basically imported the RAW file and got to work. Obligatory over photoshopped screenshot: Download
  14. Xpress

    Rollbacks. Why?

    Why would a ride rollback, specifically Intamin? Miscalculation on the computers part? Too light of a train? Too heavy?
  15. Xpress

    Interesting fairground coaster

    Having little firsthand experience with fairground roller coasters (I have only ridden 2 rather gentle and mellow coasters lacking an actual heartline, hills, helices, and for that matter banking beyond 15*) I was quite fascinated with the fact that the annual fair had a somewhat real world...
  16. Xpress

    Wooden Supports 101

    PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THIS WILL TAKE TIME TO COMPLETE!! Explaining how to construct wooden supports is a very time consuming and drawn out process, so in order for me to better help you create them, you will have to bear with me. I do not have the ability to devote all of my undivided attention to...
  17. Xpress

    At it again- Shriek

    Inspired by Takabisha, I decided to throw together, yet another Eurofighter. What you see is like, 6 hours work :P And I am just getting started...
  18. Xpress

    Jer & Xpress Present:

    More to come....
  19. Xpress

    An amazing and epic side project

    Not really, but since you're here, you might as well suck up some of that boredom by browsing through the following photo: Introducing AERONYDAMIC! Which is a term I have coined to describe a B&M outside the realms of unconventional B&M.
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    Break in period?

    An interesting point came to my attention in one of the other threads... Do coasters have a break in period? You know, a certain amount of time the ride is given to wear new parts into functioning order, before excessive loads (weight) are put on the ride? It seems like something like a...