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    Strawberry Laces

    Walking down the sweet aisle in your local supermarket, and there you see it; three packs of sweets for £1. Obviously, you bypass the dolly mixture as they're vile, and who the hell buys supermarket-brand chocolate buttons and gummies? Milk bottles are good, but you hardly get any in a bag...
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    Watching PoVs

    Ride PoVs for most of the world's best rides and roller coasters can easily be accessible on YouTube, giving you an opportunity to watch rides which you might never have the opportunity to ride, or even watch rides if you are planning to visit the park in a kind of "try before you buy" scenario...
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    Adventure Island PTR

    After reading people’s trip reports from Hong Kong, China, America (well, mostly Gavin’s reports!), Japan and wherever else in the world, I just thought it would be nice to bring all of us UK CFers right back down to reality by doing a Southend Adventure Island report. My sister, her fiancée...
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    (Thunderbirds are Go!) Thunderbird 3 is clearly the best, as it's red, pointy and easy to throw across the living room at an annoying sibling! :P
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    Preferred Baguette Cutting Method

    You've gone out shopping and have brought home a lovely baguette from the bakery. You're a bit peckish, so you decide to put that baguette to good use. However, a dilemma awaits you! Do you: a) Slice the baguette into rings, where you can easily dip the bread into some olive oil/balsamic...
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    Best Sherbet Sweet

    The ultimate in sherbet based confectionery experiences, and your childhood wasn't complete unless you managed to get sherbet all over the carpet! But which one do/did you prefer? The strawberry lollipopped Dip Dab. The sherbet sticked Sherbet Fountain The multi-flavoured Double Dip...
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    Optimal Crisp-Bits Eating Method?

    You know the situation: You get to the bottom of your bag of crisps/potato chips, and you're left with all the small broken-up bits and flavouring at the bottom of the bag. How do you go about tackling this problem? Do you hold the bag up and pour the remaining crisps into your mouth, do you...
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    Sporcle Quizzes

    I've been addicted to Sporcle for the past few years, and I know a few other people on here are as well, so why not create a place to brag about your scores and post some interesting quizzes? :) A few of the quizzes I've created: Words with "arse" in them Disney films based on location set...
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    Legoland Korea 2016

    Not sure if this has been posted anywhere (couldn't find it on a quick search), but a Legoland in South Korea is scheduled to open for 2016 with construction starting next month despite opposition from several stakeholders.. Source:
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    Splash Mountain Vs. Dudley Do-Right's

    Often regarded as two of the best log flumes in the world, Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls and Splash Mountain are must-dos for any complete visit to both Islands of Adventure and Magic Kingdom. But which one is better? Dudley Do-Right's Splash Mountain
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    Monday Night Wars

    The late 1990s were a great time to be a wrestling fan, as World Championship Wrestling went toe-to-toe with the World Wrestling Federation in a television ratings war that would change the face of wrestling forever and bring in a ton of new fans, including myself, in the process. Both brands...
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    Dr Pepper

    At the moment I'm pretty much addicted to Dr Pepper, and it's clearly the best drink ever... However, last weekend during the CF-Live I found out that some people (*cough*Sue*cough*) had never even drunk the stuff before!...Once Sue had a taste it, she almost instantly bought a bottle of it...
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    Disney's Hollywood Studios Parade Removal

    News is coming in today that Disney's Hollywood Studios is getting rid of their Disney Channel Rocks show and Pixar Pals Countdown to Fun parade, and replacing them with... utterly nothing! (Taken from The Hub employee website, which a friend posted up on Facebook [yes, I know it's a bit like...
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    Universal Orlando Gets Q-bot ... on-system/ New for 2013 at the Universal Orlando Resort is the "Universal Ride Reservation System", the Q-bot system that can be found at various places including most Six Flags parks. For just $32.99 you can get one reservations per ride, or you can...
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    Mitch Hawker Steel Coaster Poll 2012 - Results!

    Just a few weeks after El Toro took the honours in the Wood Coaster poll, it is now your opportunity to vote for your favourite STEEL coaster! ... ts2012.htm ------------------------------------------------------------------------- The results are in, and...
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    Mitch Hawker Wood Coaster Poll 2012 - Results

    Just in case you didn't know, the Mitch Hawker poll for wood coasters in now open, and will be until the 8th of January! The Mitch Hawker polls are widely regarded as the best and most accurate rankings for roller coasters. Anyone can vote in...
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    Merlin XLR8 Programme & Graduate Jobs

    So, that time is coming up when I FINALLY finish up with university and start to properly think about my future such as what job I'm going to get and all scary stuff like that. In a perfect world, I'd love to be one of those snobby hotel critics, getting free travel, accommodation and...
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    Hong Kong Disneyland PTR, June 2012

    After my Study Abroad exchange finished in Australia earlier this year, my Cathay Pacific flight home had a stop-over in Hong Kong, and I would have been a bit of an idiot if I didn’t take the opportunity to visit and explore my first ever Asian city! It has been a few months since I visited, so...
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    Rita's Launch Cable Snaps

    News sources are indicating that at around 10am this morning, the launch cable on Rita at Alton Towers snapped during normal operations. No injuries are reported at this time, but it looks like the ride is going to be down for a good while. TPBlog's photo [Thanks Waffleman] Source...
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    Most Physically Demanding Park?

    After recently visiting both Knight Valley and Ocean Park in Shenzhen/Hong Kong, the parks had me thinking about the toughest and most physically demanding parks to get around. Both are built on the side of mountains and have stairs and hills to walk up and down everywhere! Add in very little...